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Imaging Project Plan Charter Document 2011 06 02 doc.docx

Project Plan

sketch representing flow of project plan

Mapping Spreadsheet

Imaging Metadata CT RECIST Spreadsheet 2011 08 09 jc.xls

Imaging Metadata CT RECIST Spreadsheet 2011_12-06.xls

Meeting Notes

Imaging TC Notes 2011 07 21.docx

Imaging TC Notes 2011 12 8.docx

Team Members

•Dianne Reeves (NCI) •Rhonda Facile (NCI-CDISC) •Janice Chillin (SIAC) •Tina Taylor (ACRIN) •Andy Buckler (BBMSC) •Jesse Bowden (BioMedical Systems) •Liwei Wu (BioMedical Systems) •Jessica Nassker (Deloitte) •LeaAnn Bailey (Deloitte) •Jon Neville (C-Path) •Chris Tolk (CDISC) •Ed Helton (NCI) •Elliot Segal (U of Maryland) •Enrique Aviles (C-Path) •Frank Newby (CDISC) •Shannon Labout (CDISC)