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  • bookmark : this folder contains SPARQL query text files for use in the SPARQL query tab.  New queries are usually sent over email and should be copied to this folder and checked into github at Anything we check into github should NOT have any service or server names, or login credentials.  
  • Protege Logs Email - Macro.xlsm : This is an Excel macro that allows users to send logs and error reports to the Protege admins.  Updates to this file are normally sent by email and should be copied to this folder
  • removeOldPlugins.bat : Removes outdated plugins from Windows
  • run.bat : Runs the protege client on Windows.  Overwrites the run.bat provided in the protegedesktop build. This differs from the provided run.bat in that it:
    • Calls the removeOldPlugins.bat
    • Increases the memory Xmx to 12000M
    • Calls the zulu jre
  • run.bat.admin
  • run.command : For running the Protege client on Mac
  • runLowerMemory.bat : For running Protege client on Windows with a lower memory setting, for machines with resource constraints
  • : For running the Protege client on Linux or from shell in Mac
  • zulu8.38.0.13-ca-jre8.0.212-win_x64 : JRE for use in Windows