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Use Data ValidationAlways start with a fresh Template with Data Validation to help avoid uncaught errors due to invalid manually entered data. We have added a lot more error handling in this release, but it's not perfect yet, in particular when invalid or retired concepts are used.
Delete/PurgeWhen reimporting, it is safest to select all the rows and "Delete", then select "Purge", then select all rows and “Purge Records".
Unique Column NamesYou may add additional columns to the template for taking/keeping notes after the last template column, but the column names must be unique.
Invalid or Retired ConceptsInvalid VM Concepts on import are not saved in the system and can create a GAP in the concept drop down. If the invalid concepts is the last qualifier conceptor missing concepts are found, the system will not be able to detect itdisplay and error. Curators should fix all Concept Errors reported on Import BEFORE Validating. In Sprint 37, we will keep the Import Message visible after Validate to make it easier not to miss this important information.
Concept FormattingConcept String should not contain commas, tabs, or or other hidden characters. Always "Paste Values" in order to avoid issues.
CSV Files!!Template must be saved as CSV for importing. Other file types will cause an error.
Seq ID RulesSeq ID must be an integer.
Import ExceptionsMissing Batch User, Batch Name, or Seq ID will cause Exception.
Except Row NumberMultiple missing required fields may not report the correct row number in the Exception Message. Inspect the template for empty cells.
Save / RevalidateIf making changes through front-end, Save and Revalidate. This will refresh the messages.


Duplicates in FileDuplicate rows within the imported file are not caught on Import. Improve in Sprint 37 - 2151, but duplicate CDEs will not be created.

Tips for CDE Match

Run TransformCDE Match transforms the Source input into one row per column and permissible value. The command to transform the Source input details is "opt"+"cmd"+"t".
See InstructionsPlease see the CDE Match Instructions document attached to this page. 


Import into Existing VDThe PV VM import is designed to import an enumeration into an existing Value Domain. PV/VMs can be created using existing VMs, or you can specify a new VM either with or without concept codes.
Specified VM DefinitionOptional Specified VM Definition is only used if the VM Type is "TEXT". The system will not throw an error but it won't be added to the VM. The Caption and column heading in the template will be changed in Sprint 37 - 2131.
Possible TimeoutValidate/Create will timeout if more than 5 minutes. Try batches of 100 until we can redesign the code. Watch.
VM ReuseIn Sprint 36, if a Text VM is specified and an existing VM with the exact name is found, it will be reused, even if it has concepts. The Validation message will indicate that existing VM is being used (need to fix spacing). Is this ok?

Tips for VM Match

Column OrderVM Match is designed to find matching concepts and insert the Concept Name and Code into the grid. You can use Delivery Options to export the results and cut and past the contents of
these columns into the PV/VM Import to simplify creating the list of PV/VMs to import into a Value Domain.

Tips for Designation Imports

Consistency CheckingIf AI Long Name does not match the specified AI Public ID Long Name, the system will show an error. We are requesting AI Long Name and AI Type to ensure Alt names are not inadvertently added to the wrong AI. There currently is no validation step. Just import and create. Public IDs are very similar, typos are easy to make. If this becomes onerous, we could add a Validate Step to display the AI Long Name and AI Type for curator to see and visually verify before selecting Create.