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  • Interventional and/or Observational DT4 Report(s):
    • Cancer Centers to submit a CTRP-generated DT4 report(s) for Interventional and Observational trials for your Non-Competing RPPR application submission to the OCC CCSG mailbox
      • Excel version of your CTRP-generated DT4:
        • Do not overwrite the data in the main report fields (columns A-AB) as this data must remain a static representing the data in CTRP on that specific date.
        • You can add comments/annotations in column AC as well as on a center-added
        • When required, please manually add a new tab, “Supplemental – Not on Report” for trials that are not currently on your report.
      • If you include any comments/annotations (column AC only) on your final CTRP-generated DT4 report for Interventional and/or Observational studies, please keep high-level and factual.
        • For example: Column abbreviation name and the data value from your local CTMS:
          • Reached out to Lead Org to update our data.
          • Ctr to Date = x, Ctr Rpt Period = x, Oth to Date = x, Oth Rpt Period = x.
      • Please do not submit a (local CTMS) supplemental OCC CCSG eData report for Interventional trials or Observational studies to the OCC CCSG mailbox. If you do, they will not accept this supplemental version and will refer to the CTRP DT4 for interventional trials and observational studies as the “authoritative source”.
  • Ancillary / Correlative DT4 Report:
  • Note: The CTRP-generated Interventional and Observational DT4 Report(s) can be downloaded together or in separate DT4 reports.
  • All reports (Interventional, Observational, Ancillary-Correlative) can be submitted in the same email or in separate emails based on the discretion of the Cancer Center.