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National Cancer Institute Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology
caDSR Sprint 1.26 Release Notes
March 9, 2022




The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of improvements.

Advanced Tables - Table Plus
DescriptionJira Tracker Number
ALS: Forms Tab DraftFormName Uniqueness Rule and Formatting.DSRMWS-1604
Bulk Loader: DEC and VD Import: Can the system include a hyperlink in the grid after Validate.DSRMWS-1541
Cart: "Add to Cart Using ID" should be able to add VDs/DECs into Cart by ID.DSRMWS-1498
Cart: Add ability for Guest User to remove/delete items from cart.DSRMWS-1579
Change Management: Expand Concept Search to include Alternate/Synonyms names.DSRMWS-1335
Change Management: Form: Show existing default when Setting Repetition Default Values.DSRMWS-1593
Change Management: Forms: Display all Question repetitions in 8.2 Flattened View Add Question DO=0.DSRMWS-1544
Change Management: Forms: Provide the ability to delete multiple Repetitions at a time.DSRMWS-1429
Change Management: Problems found in Sprint 1.26 Testing.DSRMWS-1614
Change Management: Version VD: Show error if VD is missing Rep Term.DSRMWS-1568
Download: VD and DEC Conceptual Domain information in Legacy Excel download.DSRMWS-1515
Downloads: Form Download in new Form Excel file name incorrect.DSRMWS-1514
Downloads: Legacy CDE XML Download.DSRMWS-1346
Loading: Bulk load CDEs.DSRMWS-88
Loading: CDE Match: Run Match throws exception when input Column Name has single quote.DSRMWS-1567
Search: Create new object for Rep Term filtered to RegStatus = "Standard".DSRMWS-1570
Security Framework: Forms: Guest user should be able to see Node 8.2.DSRMWS-1558
UI Change: Changes to Question Valid Value Hooks.DSRMWS-1569
UI Change: Changes to the Conceptual Domain View add Definition to results Grid.DSRMWS-1546
UI Change: Make Value Meaning labels consistent in the different objects where possible.DSRMWS-1547
UI Change: Add Standard Representation Terms to the Guest Favorites.DSRMWS-1642
UI Changes: Concepts: When creating Concepts + Synonyms drop pipe if no synonyms.DSRMWS-1554
UI Changes: User Cart: Suggested rewording of message in Cart hook.DSRMWS-1573

Bug Fixes

The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of bug fixes.

Advanced Tables - Table Plus
DescriptionJira Tracker Number
ALS: Change Data DictionaryName to add "F" to minor version when on form once, not "_01F".DSRMWS-1584
ALS: Changes to defaults for the generated ALS file in 2004 Excel XML format.DSRMWS-1595
ALS: DDName Uniqueness Rules.DSRMWS-1591
ALS: Fields Tab FieldOId, DraftFieldName, VariableOID fixes.DSRMWS-1605
ALS: Form OID: Fix to truncate up to 50.DSRMWS-1613
ALS: Form OID: Trademark TM is being inserted for ":".DSRMWS-1594
ALS: Truncate DDName to 32 characters.DSRMWS-1619
Bulk Load: DEC import changes for Sprint 1.26.DSRMWS-1553
Bulk Load: VD Import: Multiple Rep Term concepts causes failure.DSRMWS-1556
Bulk Loading: CDE Match: Matching to VM fail if the VD or PV/VM is created in OneData.DSRMWS-1566
Bulk Loading: DEC/VD Import: Allow user to change concepts on UI after loading.DSRMWS-1557
Change Management: AI Tool: Fail to create new Context.DSRMWS-1499
Change Management: DDE Fixes Display Order.DSRMWS-1588
Change Management: Newly created CSI in Existing CS does not show in Classify/unClassify.DSRMWS-1587
Download: Downloads are not generating file if email address not entered.DSRMWS-1622
Download: Legacy CDE Excel Missing DE Alternate Names.DSRMWS-1624
Download: Legacy CDE Excel Value Meaning Columns Shifted.DSRMWS-1625
Download: Legacy Form in Excel generating XML file name and file type.DSRMWS-1585
Download: Legacy Form in XML generating incorrect format for CDE link.DSRMWS-1586
UI Changes: AI: "+ Classification Scheme Item Attributes" section is missing.DSRMWS-1562

Important Remaining Issues

The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of unresolved issues.

Advanced Tables - Table Plus
FeatureSymptomWorkaroundJira Tracker Number
ALSDownload Collection generated File will not download from front end.Retrieve file from the attachment in the generated email.DSRMWS-1618
CartExporting more than visible rows from User Cart and for specific type of AI using OneData OOTB.(None)DSRMWS-1078
CartNeed an Add All Cart command.(None)DSRMWS-1583
Change ManagementFail to modify migrated Alt name in Concept.(None)DSRMWS-1596
Change Management: Forms: Flattened ViewDefault values not displaying in 8.1 and 8.2.(None)DSRMWS-1551
DownloadFail to download XML files from Download Collection front end.Retrieve file from the attachment in the generated email.DSRMWS-1555

Known Issues Found in Sprint 1.26 Testing

The team created or reopened the following issues during Sprint 1.26 testing.

Advanced Tables - Table Plus
FeatureSymptomJira Tracker Number

Bulk Load

CDE Import V1 errors.


Bulk Load: CDE Match

Show correct Batch Owner after import.


Bulk Load

DEC import changes for Sprint 1.27.


Bulk Load

VD Import: When new Rep Term is created to create new VD, the VD Def has an extra underscore.


Change Management: AI Tool

Search by Derived Data Element = No.


Change Management

Select CS Latest Version doesn't change CSI latest version flag. 



Download Collection Fails with Error invoking IS.


UI Change

NCI Standard Data Elements still have filters for non-logged in user.


Release History

Sprint 1.20November 1, 2021
Sprint 1.21November 15, 2021
Sprint 1.22December 14, 2021
Sprint 1.23January 11, 2022
Sprint 1.24February 3, 2022
Sprint 1.25February 17, 2022
Sprint 1.26March 9, 2022