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Known IssueWorkaroundJIRA issue link
Result tab is populated when curator/admin submit the batch job and disappeared if curator/admin log out and login again even the job is still running.(None.)CANANOLAB-81
The system is unable to reset the user access control section on the submit publication form when user click Reset.(None.)CANANOLAB-197
User unable to sort protocol search results with protocol type and protocol name column header.(None.)CANANOLAB-367
User unable to view external PubMed content via the DOI external URL.(None.)CANANOLAB-368
Publication search returns more records than valid based on search criteria.(None.)CANANOLAB-391
Export XML: Adding Other Ex Vv with special characters in the Characterization name prevents the Export XML from generating.(None.)CANANOLAB-615
Apostrophe revisited.(None.)CANANOLAB-631
Composition: Unable to Edit nor Delete File from Nanomaterial Entity, Functionalizing Entity, Chemical Association.(None.)CANANOLAB-701
Characterization: Unable to Edit nor Delete a File from a Characterization Element's Finding, Can't Delete Findings with an attached File having Keywords.(None.)CANANOLAB-703
Sample Characterization: When creating new Model, Other Ex Vv, or Other, the Characterization Name is cleared after clicking Save on Technique and Instruments and Findings.(None.)CANANOLAB-708
Allow password reset without knowing old password.(None.)Contact
Characterization: General Page: Clean Up format for added Files In Findings: Missing Description Header.(None.)CANANOLAB-713
Composition: All Tab: Clean Up format for added Files In Findings: Bad spacing and Missing Headers.(None.)CANANOLAB-714
My Favorites: Deleted Items should be removed from My Favorites page.(None.)CANANOLAB-715
Advanced Search: Error message when compounded search criteria are created with "OR" and "AND".(None.)CANANOLAB-730
Advanced Sample Search: Characterization Criteria Search: Solubility: Column Names are not available for Solubility search criteria.(None.)CANANOLAB-737
Sample: Point of Contact: When adding information about multiple points of contact, using the same Organization name causes the address of one POC to overwrite another.(None.)CANANOLAB-743
Sample: Characterization: When adding a Finding Data and Conditions Table, unable to save cell notation, when Column Type is "Condition".(None.)CANANOLAB-746
Update Sample: General Info: Unable to Export (JSON) and Export (XML).(None.)CANANOLAB-805
Curation: Unable to Manage Batch Data Availability: 400 Bad Request: Unrecognized field "$error".(None.)CANANOLAB-807
Home Page: End User Confusion regarding total number for Public Results not matching search results when Total Public Results link for each Data Type is selected.(None.)CANANOLAB-810
Sample Search: When not Logged In, selecting Characterization Type does not populate the Characterization selection box.(None.)CANANOLAB-811
Unable to Export (JSON) and Export (XML) for all sample on sample search results page: Internal Server Error.(None.)CANANOLAB-812