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National Cancer Institute Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology
caDSR Sprint Release Notes
September 26, 2022




The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of improvements.

Advanced Tables - Table Plus
FeatureDescriptionJira Tracker Number
Bulk Loader TasksAdd Date Last Modified to DEC, VD, CDE, Designations Import.DSRMWS-2106
Bulk Loader TasksCDE Import Template Changes.DSRMWS-2087
Bulk Loader TasksCDE Match should use "Like" for Question Text and Alternate Names.DSRMWS-2054
Bulk Loader TasksCDE Match: Add Date Last Modified.DSRMWS-2126
Bulk Loader TasksDEC Import: Concept Validation Rules and for Missing CD and Concept Edit Fixes.DSRMWS-2096
Bulk Loader TasksDEC Import: Curator Testing Files and Results.DSRMWS-2109
Bulk Loader TasksDEC Import: Move Created DEC ID next to Validation Message.DSRMWS-2098
Bulk Loader TasksDEC Template Changes.DSRMWS-2084
Bulk Loader TasksDEC: Change the order of the Concept Popup Columns.DSRMWS-2095
Bulk Loader TasksDesignation Template Changes.DSRMWS-2088
Bulk Loader TasksPV VM Import: Fixes to Errors.DSRMWS-2119
Bulk Loader TasksPV VM Template Changes.DSRMWS-2086
Bulk Loader TasksPV/VM Import UI improvement: Remove extra Date Last Modified field.DSRMWS-2064
Bulk Loader TasksPV/VM Import: Remove "Optional VM CD ID" field from UI.DSRMWS-2044
Bulk Loader TasksVD Template Changes.DSRMWS-2085
Bulk Loader TasksVM Match: Add Date Last Modified as in the other Imports.DSRMWS-2117
Bulk Loader TasksVM Match: UI Fixes: Hide VM Version, Add VM Concept Code after User Selects from Matched Results.DSRMWS-2081
Bulk Loader TasksVM Match Like search.DSRMWS-2079
Bulk Loader TasksVM Match: Display the VM Concepts when matched to Existing VM.DSRMWS-2082
Change ManagementError Creating New Version of VD on Dev.DSRMWS-2127
Compare DECAI Tool: Add OC and Property Public ID.DSRMWS-2094
Curator FeedbackDocumentation: Audit Trail.DSRMWS-224
DownloadForms: Change URL Link Text.DSRMWS-2120
DownloadForms: Create a Word Document Format for Form Proofing.DSRMWS-2012
DownloadLegacy CDE XML: File type extension is not visible in Download UI for the attached file.DSRMWS-2062
SearchForms: Add Protocol to the main Form search filter.DSRMWS-1918
UI ChangesCDE Import Change for Found DEC and Found VD, change VD Public ID to Public ID.DSRMWS-2159
UI ChangesConcept Popups: Move Definition Source to the end and Increase Concepts to 10.DSRMWS-2049
UI ChangesData Element - View/Browse: Add Data Element Public ID and Version to top node.DSRMWS-2092
UI ChangesDelivery Options: DE Maint and DE View/Browse: Add Used By and Origin Description.DSRMWS-2046
UI ChangesPV VM Import: Remove Datatype from Filter, change caption to VD Datatype.DSRMWS-2157
UI ChangesPV/VM Grid view and edit row change Alternate Name Context caption to match template.DSRMWS-2156

Bug Fixes

The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of bug fixes.

Advanced Tables - Table Plus
FeatureDescriptionJira Tracker Number
APIAdministered Component is not returning Valid Value component by ID.DSRMWS-2031
Bulk Loader TasksCDE Import Fixes for Missing VD and DEC.DSRMWS-2149
Bulk Loader TasksCDE Import Fixes for Sprint 28.DSRMWS-1678
Bulk Loader TasksCDE Import Validate throws Exception.DSRMWS-2146
Bulk Loader TasksCDE Import: CDE Created before Validate and fix warning message for VD not Released.DSRMWS-2121
Bulk Loader TasksCDE Import: Validation reports Error DEC is Not Found if DEC is Retired.DSRMWS-2105
Bulk Loader TasksDEC Import: Sprint 28 Fixes.DSRMWS-1669
Bulk Loader TasksDesignation Import: Import should Validate OD Long NM matches Imported AI Long Name.DSRMWS-2123
Bulk Loader TasksPV/VM Import problems found in Sprint 36 testing.DSRMWS-2143
Bulk Loader TasksPV/VM Import: Alternate Name Language is not being used.DSRMWS-2130
Bulk Loader TasksPV/VM Import: Create new PV/VM failed when VM Concept String matches with an existing VM.DSRMWS-1964
Bulk Loader TasksPV/VM Import: Errors after Validating 20 or more rows.DSRMWS-2051
Bulk Loader TasksPV/VM Import: VM Alt name context is not imported.DSRMWS-2071
Bulk Loader TasksVD Import: Invalid Concept validation.DSRMWS-2162
Bulk Loader TasksVD Import: Primary Rep Term popup does not retrieve correct Concepts.DSRMWS-2080
Bulk Loader TasksVD Import: Validate: Fixes: Generated VD Name.DSRMWS-2125
caDSR ReverseReference Document Context not reversing correctly and Long text with Special Characters not truncating.DSRMWS-2112
Change ManagementCreate New Version hook command fail on QA tier.DSRMWS-2145
Change ManagementData Audit: Fix typo.DSRMWS-2138
Change ManagementForms: When changing the Form Context, all child element Context should be changed.DSRMWS-1679
Change ManagementShould not copy PVs when Create Non-Enumerated VD from an Enumerated VD.DSRMWS-2078
Change ManagementShould set Module Display Order correctly after Copy Module using Module ID.DSRMWS-2077
SAG OneData OOTB IssuesDelivery Options Export to Excel for DE View/Browse, DE Maint, AI Tool do not download all columns.DSRMWS-1952
SearchBrowse CDEs by Data Element Concept has extra columns.DSRMWS-2115
System O&MPopup Message from with "8387".DSRMWS-2124
UI ChangesForms: Hide Effective Date on Search Result Grid.DSRMWS-2122
UI ChangesForms: Hide NCI_IDSEQ field in "Question Valid Values" detail page.DSRMWS-2155
UI ChangesForms: Hide NCI_IDSEQ field in "Question Valid Values" node.DSRMWS-2099
UI ChangesForms: Need to manually set "0. Additional Search Criteria" as default filter.DSRMWS-2139
UI Changes and OOTB DeliveryAdministered Items Tool: Unwanted changes happened in Sprint 35.DSRMWS-2093

Issues Not Fixed in This Sprint

The following are tracker numbers and descriptions of unresolved issues.

Advanced Tables - Table Plus
FeatureSymptomWorkaroundJira Tracker Number
Bulk Loader TasksBatch User name is not imported in CDE Match and CDE Import: SAGS Issue.Added "Do Not Use" column to each Template.DSRMWS-1635
Bulk Loader TasksThe Data Validation along with Protecting the Sheet sometimes does not work as expected.Contact Super Curator to unprotect the sheet.DSRMWS-2163
CartGive Download Curator privilege to access Named User Cart.Will not fix. Contact caDSR Help Desk regarding your account.DSRMWS-2056
System O&MProvide a way to search for a CDE using a URL link.None. Will fix in Sprint 37.DSRMWS-478

Known Issues Found in Sprint Testing

The team created or reopened the following issues during Sprint testing.

Advanced Tables - Table Plus
FeatureSymptomJira Tracker Number
Bulk Loader TasksCDE Import Fixes Catch Duplicates in File before Validate from Sprint 36.DSRMWS-2151
Bulk Loader TasksDEC Import Fixes from Sprint 36. Invalid Concept Codes or Retired Concept cannot be imported and will report "ERROR" on Import. These must be fixed before "Validate" because missing concepts can create an incorrect OC or Prop and thus and incorrect DEC.DSRMWS-2154
Bulk Loader TasksVD and DEC Import CD Popup need to be constrained.DSRMWS-2114
Bulk Loader Tasks

VM Match for the following special characters:

Code Block
(  |  ) ; - _
Bulk Loader Tasks

PV VM Import: Improve messages and formatting when reusing existing VM.

DownloadDownload Detail shows incorrect row count after adding/deleting items to the Collection: SAGGS.DSRMWS-1291
SecurityBrowse CDEs by Data Element Concept: 2 hook commands are missing for Form Context Curator. These have not been added yet. They will be added in Sprint 37.DSRMWS-2160
UI ChangesAI: Hide "ITEM_NM_CURATED" when select columns for Summary Report.DSRMWS-2142

Release History

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Sprint    9-Aug-22
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