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If you paste text into an input field, review it before submitting the text to the system. Make sure the formatting (such as superscript, subscript, bold, and Italics), Greek letters, and other special characters appear as expected.

  1. Copy text from an appropriate location. For example, copy a formatted abstract from a web page rather than a PDF. (Your browser might not interpret correctly the encoding of special characters used by a PDF.)
  2. Paste your text in the caNanoLab input field and save your changes. 
  3. If the text does not appear as expected, replace the incorrect characters. Consider the following examples:
    1. For the Greek alpha character ("α"), search the web for Unicode Greek Alpha, copy the character that appears in the result, and paste it into the input field as a substitute for the malformed alpha.
    2. For scientific characters (such as "Å"), search the web for Unicode Angstrom, copy the displayed character, and paste it into the input field.
    3. For superscripts, subscripts, bold, and Italics, insert HTML tags into the input field. This style markup is typically not retained in a copy and paste of the web text. However, you can enter such tags manually, as follows:

      Code Block
      You can use the following tags: <sup>superscript</sup>, <sub>subscript</sub>, <b>bold</b>, and <i>Italics</i>.

      These tags appear as: superscriptsubscriptbold, and Italics.

    4. If you need a large block of text on a web page with complex styling, try the following shortcut:
      1. Right-click the web page and select View Page Source. HTML appears for the whole page.
      2. Locate the desired text by searching for words in that text.
      3. Copy the HTML of the text.
      4. Paste that text into the input field.