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Java 17
  • Migration to Java 17
    • Followup Jan 19
    • Learned OS and Tomcat due for upgrade as well
      • We want no responsibility for this - we are agnostic
      • Too many managers and not enough techs involved
    • Java 17 installed on Dev
      • jconsole not fully supported by Corretta
    • Still need Tomcat updated
      • Can we update ejb ourselves

Email/Contact Us

Kim's Proposal

  • Programmatic options
  • CRM to filter messages
    • Would be a service that sets up a queue of real issues
    • "High noise, low signal"
    • Cost? $5-30/user.  What is a user?
  • Inventory public facing pages for email address
    • Can we get rid of Contact Us page?
    • Send email to user to confirm before sending onwards to final target?
  • Source appears to be the Contact Us page, as it is being sent to both NCIThesaurus and NCICBIIT
    • A lot is coming from an .ru address
    • We have a captcha on that page

 Check if we

The ramp up of spam has increased.

  • There wasn't a resolution about dropping the contact us form
  • the additional step may not be productive.
  • Form may not be used
  • CON: the browsers have been fragile. Adding the SPAM VERIFICATION will only complicate issue.
  • CON: how to work between devs will not be straightforward, easy.
  • CON: Scott does not have bandwidth to build Verification filter.
  • can drop the Contact Us form?  The page would exist but the form portion would be gone. 
  • Benson, Mark (NIH/NCI) [C] approach: Mark will reach out to Lori with Jason about proposal to drop it.

Production NCI Terms
  • Still multiple issues on Prod
    • Scott creating Jira issues as items identified
    • Possibly check email archives for previous logs
    • Latest tag is on QA and no show-stoppers seen
  • J console up and running on Dev
    • Additional libraries needed to be added to Corretta
    • Testing can start now - stress testing using Selenium
    • Still trying to replicate the messages coming in from Prod
    • Possibly people walking the hierarchy - Hierarchy pages seeing lots of traffic

System migration
  • Initial "Conversions".
  • DataQA after Prod
    • database on machine - migrate first?
    • Test performance of old loaders vs new database.
    • Other apps follow DB - determine if needs to be co-located
    • Does script need to be updated?


ehcache issues on Meta, similar to what we have seen previously on NCI Terms 

Question: is there a debugging or logging ticket for PROD? 

  • There is an open question of where the logging would be turned off.
  • Scott believes it is a flag somewhere. He has tried tons of approaches but has not been able to figure out where controlled. Scott will write ticket for debugging.
  • Scott tried Kim's approach, suggestions but was not fruitful.

Both tags on QA have passed. Will update once deployment happens.

Jason put in ticket to have `lbpatch.jar` on STAGE, but Systems could not find that jar.

TODO: file a ticket to look for the lbpatch.jar  on PROD.

  •  Scott to examine

SumoLogic to DataDog
  • Queries being migrated by Systems
    • EVSExplore connector installed - dashboard started
    • Sharepoint project created to track progress and tasks
  • Dialogs being built from scratch
  •  Mark, please invite Jason to Sharepoint

EVS Prod is down (during mtg).

EVS Prod is down (during mtg).

  • maybe Apache is being restarted?
  • Ticket: restart application (Eric Gavua), "Yes, it did go down. I have restarted the service"
  • request to get htop and du -hs { } metrics on PROD
  • p805 log, there are 2 restarts, 9:19am, and back to working is around 10:10am. (the 40 min is due to caching)
  • no caching info are seen in logs; no evidence that it is coming back up (caching) seen in logs.
  • it is failing immediately.
  • The "maintenance" page appears with the full url, but hostname doesn't show this...
  • It may be an issue of lack of server resources (CPU, Memory, disk space, swap); the index building on other server is much less.

Can add and remove users through Service Now.

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