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Comment: Replaced retired legacy component with OneData.


Using the NCI Thesaurus: If you are going to transform a UML Model into caDSR metadata, you need to map the classes and attributes to NCI Thesaurus concepts (terms). Using the SIW (Semantic Integration Workbench) toolOneData, search the Thesaurus to find the best possible mapping for what you are trying to describe.


Using the NCI Metathesaurus: If you are attempting to curate a new CDE based on a set of permissible values and you do not know the exact source of the values for that question, you could use the NCI Metathesaurus and leverage the mapping between the different terminologies to determine if the permissible values were based in some part on a standard (i.e. LOINC). As a curator, you may then want to make the decision to standardize those permissible values to that terminology based on that match.