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Patch release requires user to replace lbRuntime.jar.

  • This release contains an RXNORM loader which is a community contributed (PGRN PHONT) project. As such, it is unsupported.
  • Contains updated launchers for Value Set GUI for 64bit Windows and Linux.
  • Set DB_PRIMARY_KEY_STRATEGY=SEQUENTIAL_INTEGER as default for generating primary keys in the database.
  • Corrected an issue with the RRF loader that failed when loading ICD-10.
  • Modified the UmlsRootNodeResolver to only mark codes that have V-SAB value as being root nodes.
  • Updated build for OSX to allow GUI to work with newer versions. (Not backward compatible with powerpc Macs.)
  • Updated loader descriptions to better match function.
  • Updated build dependencies to point to NCI Nexus server.
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