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LexEVS 6.5.1 (Not Released) Release Highlights Include:

Note: This release includes all LexEVS 6.5.0 changes.

Features of this Release

New features in this release focus on updates of the value set loading system.  Since the source of value sets is the NCI Thesaurus (NCIt), and since the NCIt contains logical, computable assertions about what value sets are in its system, business logic has moved towards direct access to the code system rather than external defining files.  This has been a collaborative effort with NCIt curators and has resulted in improved loading efficiency of value set definitions and resolved value set coding schemes. 
An additional API that detects value set updates has also been made available.  This represents an additional efficiency for value set loading.  
Other assertions made in the NCIt about the hierarchical style storage of value sets also now have an API as well.  This is specific to the NCIt source at this time.  
This release will also contain a prototype of a direct to source value set resolution and search service, based on the kind of assertions the NCIt makes about its value sets.  Terminologies that make similar assertions my also make use of this API.  It should make some earlier value set API’s obsolete while retaining the ability of users to define and load their own value sets.
Some value set querying mechanisms are better optimized based on additional methods that provide more tailored object contents for methods requiring a list of value sets without resolving other attributes that may slow performance.

Issues Fixed in this Release

Many issues were reported with the large amount of new code written around value set loading and access.  This includes fixes to resolving value set function as well as value set hierarchy functions.  This also contains fixes to long standing history load issues, some tree extension issues and simple search API problems.  We updated an outdated tracking policy artifact in this release as well — removing a couple of failing value sets that were placeholders for issues that should be resolved.  This allows continuous integration to be more accurate and precise without any expected failures that can be ignored.  


LexEVS 6.5.1 - Features Implemented

LEXEVS-3380I would like updates in LexEVSTreeItem/AssertedHierarchy to reflect original tree/treeItem implementation
LEXEVS-3509I would like to add a value set to the VS hierarchy implementation from an outside source
LEXEVS-3694Change the coding scheme name in ResolvedConceptReference returned by both search and resolution API. 
LEXEVS-3781Increase memory on LoadMetaBatch script
LEXEVS-3640Place value set nodes in value set hierarchy using contributing source.
LEXEVS-1732Value Set: Modify coding scheme name and version of ResolvedConceptReference returned from a resolved value set coding scheme.
LEXEVS-3406I would like to have a value set service that runs directly against the NCIt
LEXEVS-3524Allow VS Hiearchy to be resolved from Source Asserted VS API
LEXEVS-3475Write controller/business logic layer for Source Asserted VS API
LEXEVS-3476Implement Source Asserted Value Set API
LEXEVS-3540Implement Resolved Value Set Style API for Asserted Value Sets
LEXEVS-3545Update the Resolved Value Set API to include access to Asserted Value Sets
LEXEVS-3565Update and Verify Asserted Value Set Service API for Remote API
LEXEVS-3564Update and Verify Asserted Value Set Search Service for Remote API
LEXEVS-3639Change the URI in ResolvedConceptReference returned by Value Set Search and Resolution methods.
LEXEVS-3642Support search against a specific value set or any collection of value sets.
LEXEVS-3301I would like LexEVSTreeItem attributes to be made public or publicly accessible
LEXEVS-2961VS Workflow: Remove Dependency on value set definition files for NCIt defined Value Sets
LEXEVS-2962VS Workflow: Generate all NCIt sourced resolved value set coding schemes from NCIt source in LexEVS
LEXEVS-3058Value Set: Value Set Hierarchy will be defined from that in the NCIt and returned in a performant manner
LEXEVS-2967Value Set - (Browser) Efficient search by code or name - query for value set that this concept matches
LEXEVS-2966Value Set - (Browser) Efficient retrieval VS definition metadata resolution calls. Faster queries against the definitions themselves.
LEXEVS-3170Provide ability to add Non-NCIt value sets to asserted vs hierarchy
LEXEVS-3057Value Set - Definition for LexEVS Value Set Definition Asserted Source Task
LEXEVS-3074Value Set: Create User Defined property name parameter for Concept Domain 
LEXEVS-3063Implement Value Set Tree Integration for Browser API
LEXEVS-3165Implement simpler approach to resolving a list of all value sets
LEXEVS-3203Value Set - Update Resolved Value Set Query Mechanism for Optimized Search
LEXEVS-3220Determine if a NCIt Asserted Value Set has changed
LEXEVS-3494Follow up code cleanup test expansion for Asserted Value Set Indexing
LEXEVS-3474I would like an index access layer to be written for the source asserted value set search
LEXEVS-3339Modularize the full system test to allow individual modules to be run
LEXEVS-3473I would like an Index creation layer to be written for Source Asserted Value Sets
LEXEVS-3477Create Full Unit test suite for the API
LEXEVS-3547Create and support a value set iterator that pages from the data base
LEXEVS-3603Iterators for Assserted Value Sets need to be adjusted for RMI
LEXEVS-3617Update AssertedValueSet Search Extension to work with RMI
LEXEVS-3518I would like to include external value sets in NCIt asserted value set index
LEXEVS-3517I would like to include Neoplasm Tree value set entities in asserted VS index
LEXEVS-3445Create prioritization list from F2F activities
LEXEVS-3413I would like to be able to load mapping schemes as stand alone entities
LEXEVS-3636Update links to the CTS2 on-line documentation to NCI's URL and remove external instance
LEXEVS-3146Investigate HistoryService getDescendants failure
LEXEVS-3135Default page for lexevsapi6 needs to be updated
LEXEVS-3189Code review and merge of high performance resolved value set
LEXEVS-3032Investigate options to pull from different Docker repositories
LEXEVS-3040Investigate LexEVS API for creating/updating entities
LEXEVS-3105Hierarchy design/Investigation
LEXEVS-3171Investigate options for returning value sets with a non-NCIt default coding scheme (e.g., NDF-RT)
LEXEVS-3278Investigate coding scheme name and versions for value sets 
LEXEVS-3597Update LexEVS version to 6.5.1.SNAPSHOT.6
LEXEVS-3703Expand Iterator Tests for Asserted Value Sets
LEXEVS-3786LEXEVS-3783 Code review/Test and Merge
LEXEVS-3749Update to be local
LEXEVS-3789Services don't start up when asserted value sets are not present.
LEXEVS-3743Update Asserted Value Set default version to the PRODUCTION tag
LEXEVS-3223Create LexEVS Dev Snapshot
LEXEVS-2517Value Set Loader: Investigate ability to update as needed (not have to load all 700 at the same time).
LEXEVS-3338I would like to know what the performance values of running with and without compiled value sets
LEXEVS-3587Update Lexevs value set loader to work for CTS2 in memory tests
LEXEVS-3655Update to support CTS2 asserted resolved value set read 
LEXEVS-3750Admin: Provide continued Product Maintenance Support (Sprint 82)
LEXEVS-3739Add ability to determine if Asserted Value Sets exist before requesting them
LEXEVS-3760Updated LexEVS Interface Javadoc

LexEVS 6.5.1 - Defects Fixed

LEXEVS-3755LoadUmlsBatch fails to load MED-RT
LEXEVS-3748Unable to retrieve correct namespace of target entities in a mapping coding scheme.
LEXEVS-3741Core.xsd has a typo in the value set namespace declaration
LEXEVS-1029Build: Fix build and runtime dependencies on hosted LexGrid and other LexEVS schemas
LEXEVS-3137Contains type search breaks on special characters.
LEXEVS-3221Duplicate value sets accessing the same index will fail any queries against either scheme
LEXEVS-3067Value Set: Thread management for resolved value set loads
LEXEVS-3071Value Set Publishing Value Needs to be used to determine VS Loads
LEXEVS-3092Hierarchy Source adjustment in LEXEVS-1300 fix creates an unsupported association
LEXEVS-3101Code clean up including refactoring, additional testing, any minor issues
LEXEVS-3121Value Set (Browser) Create initial index for coding schemes (resolved value sets)
LEXEVS-3277Providing support for failing iterator paging on tree service extension
LEXEVS-3299OWL2 Loader -- ChEBI load runs out of memory
LEXEVS-2712MappingExtension.getMappingCodingSchemesEntityParticipatesIn failure.
LEXEVS-3305Loader - Value Set -- SourceAssertedResolvedValueSetLoad overwrites indexes with same name
LEXEVS-3340Un-scrubbed NCIt load fails on null property name
LEXEVS-3341NCIt History Load fails silently and throws other extraneous errors
LEXEVS-3376ValueSetDefinition getEntityDescription().getContent() method does not return description.
LEXEVS-3377Value sets with a Publish_Value_Set property set to ‘No’ are being loaded as definitions. 
LEXEVS-3386Replace the value of _code (currently, header concept code) by the (source asserted) value set URI. 
LEXEVS-3387In the source view value set tree returned by getFullServiceValueSetTree, sort nodes by value set names.
LEXEVS-3388In the terminology view of value set hierarchy returned by getSourceDefinedTree, place the NCIt node first, and then sort the rest of the root nodes by value set names.
LEXEVS-3385Populate _ns attribute in LexEVSTreeItem with proper namespace
LEXEVS-2183Tree Extension: TreeService API returns JSON String containing anonymous nodes.
LEXEVS-3510I would like to Implement a service layer for the asserted value set search mechanism
LEXEVS-3681Serialization Error against the RMI of Resolved Value Set iterator
LEXEVS-3689AssertedValueset iterator cannot advance over paged next call
LEXEVS-3733Search Iterator Regression failure on Source Coding Scheme Name
LEXEVS-3779Orphaned Asserted VS Entity Service is not needed 
LEXEVS-3783OWL2Loader manifest causes failed update in asserted value set index
LEXEVS-3830Target Namespace in mapping iterator ResolveConceptRefence incorrect

LexEVS Remote API 6.5.1 - Features Implemented

LEXEVSREM-149Updating Codebase to allow Full Value Set Hierarchy Use
LEXEVSREM-147Updating API to provide high performance resolution of value sets
LEXEVSREM-148Create/Improve/Configure for Distributed Complete set of Resolved Value Set Tests
LEXEVSREM-153Updating Tests and Configuration to support LEXEVS-3221
LEXEVSREM-145Support for Value Set Hierarchy in LexEVS Remote API
LEXEVSREM-169I would like to have Source Asserted Values in Resolved VS work in RMI
LEXEVSREM-179Unit testing and any adapatations for RMI Asserted VS Search
LEXEVSREM-157Create LexEVS Remote Dev Snapshot
LEXEVSREM-213Expand Iterator Tests for Asserted Value Sets
LEXEVSREM-255Test backwards compatibility - 6.5 client to 6.5.1 remote api service
LEXEVSREM-178Remote Service Requires updates to LexEVS source and tests
LEXEVSREM-198Fix remote API tests not running
LEXEVSREM-245Test remote API with no access to

LexEVS Remote API 6.5.1 - Defects Fixed

LEXEVSREM-60Tree Extension: TreeExtension ChildTreeNodeIterator method throws exceptions.
LEXEVSREM-146Test jars from LexEVS need to be updated to reflect current tests.
LEXEVSREM-194Update Tests for Distributed Service For Asserted VS Search
LEXEVSREM-228Search on uri for value set fails
LEXEVSREM-232Distributed Tests need updates to accommodate new Hierarchy features

LexEVS Remote Client 6.5.1 - Features Implemented


LexEVS Remote Client 6.5.1 - Defects Fixed 


LexEVS CTS2 Service 1.6.1 - Features Implemented 

LexEVS CTS2 Service 1.6.1 - Defects Fixed  


LexEVS CTS2 Framework 1.3.0 - Features Implemented 


LexEVS CTS2 Framework 1.3.0 - Defects Fixed



URI Resolver 1.1.0 - Features Implemented 


URI Resolver 1.1.0 - Defects Fixed  

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