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These diagrams show the NCI A&A process to complete the normal* FISMA ATO process. 

The first diagram is for NCI internal systems in CBIIT Managed hosting:

NCI A&A Workflow Diagram for Internal Systems

The second diagram is for external systems, which includes 3rd Party/Contractor-Hosted systems as well as systems in CBIIT Customer Managed or Co-located (Colo) hosting environments:

NCI A&A Workflow Diagram for External Systems

*This excludes the streamlined FAST ATO process and the low-impact software as a service (LI-SaaS) approval processes.

NCI CBIIT Hosting Models Graphic

This graphic depicts the three hosting options within the NCI Center for Bioinformatics and Information Technology (CBIIT) as well as the breakdown of CBIIT and Customer responsibilities for each option.

NCI CBIIT Hosting Models

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