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caNanoLab General

What is caNanoLab?

Additional information on caNanoLab is available on the caNanoLab Wiki Home page.

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How do I register for a caNanoLab login account?

If you do not have a caNanoLab login account and want to save items in caNanoLab, you must register for an account first. Please contact Application Support ( You will be assigned a user role which affects what actions you can perform in caNanoLab.

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How do I reset my password if I have forgotten it?

If you forget your password or need to reset your caNanoLab password, please contact Application Support (

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How do I obtain a caNanoLab user account to login?

To request a caNanoLab user account to login, contact Application Support ( 

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Who developed caNanoLab?

caNanoLab was developed as a collaboration between the NCI CSSI Office of Cancer Nanotechnology Research and the NCI Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology (CBIIT).

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Does caNanoLab leverage any existing standards for describing nanoparticles and associated characterizations?

Standards supporting nanotechnology in the biomedical domain are emerging and under continuous development. caNanoLab leverages and extends concepts from existing standards developed by the biomedical and nanotechnology community. caNanoLab leverages biomedical and nanotechnology concepts from the NCI's Enterprise Vocabulary Services (EVS) and the Nanoparticle Ontology (NPO).

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Where can I find definitions for caNanoLab concepts?

Definitions to caNanoLab concepts are available in the caNanoLab User's Guide, caNanoLab glossary, and the NCI Thesaurus.

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How do I incorporate caNanoLab into a data sharing plan?

It is the policy of NIH that the results of research accomplished through Federal support should be made available to the public. To meet this requirement, NIH applicants are required to provide a Data Sharing Plan (Resource Sharing Plan), as described in the NIH Data Sharing Policy and SF424 (R&R) Application Guide.  If you are applying for nanotechnology-based research funding that requires a data sharing or data management plan, you may find useful information in the document caNanoLab & Data Sharing   that can be used in your research proposal. The suggested text is based on the requirements for NIH Data Sharing Plans, but please feel free to modify this text to fit the needs of your proposed research. For additional information about caNanoLab or to reference caNanoLab, please refer to Gaheen et al., 2013, caNanoLab: data sharing to expedite the use of nanotechnology in biomedicine. Comput. Sci. Discov. 6 014010 doi:10.1088/1749-4699/6/1/014010.

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How do I cite caNanoLab?

Authors who use caNanoLab should acknowledge caNanoLab in their work by properly referencing samples. The majority of caNanoLab sample record information is curated from publications. For these, please acknowledge the associated publication and caNanoLab either by citation or in the acknowledgements section of your publication.

Please alert us by email of any publications that cite or acknowledge the use of caNanoLab to enable us to highlight it on our website. Below are options for including caNanoLab use in publications.

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caNanoLab Functionality

What functionality does caNanoLab Support?

caNanoLab allows researchers to submit and retrieve information on nanoparticles and associated information including:

caNanoLab provides secure access to data and requires authentication and authorization for access to non-public data.

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How do I save data in caNanoLab?

In order to save a protocol, sample, or publication in caNanoLab, you must have an account belonging to the Data Curator group. To register for a login account, contact Application Support ( Once you have an account, you can log into caNanoLab and create an item and assign access to users and collaboration groups. If you are a Data Curator, you can make the item publicly-accessible. If not, you must submit the item for review, and when the Data Curator approves the item, it will be public.

To assist in this process, a caNanoLab Data Submission Video and accompanying transcript are available, as well as the caNanoLab User's Guide.

caNanoLab data submission workflowcaNanoLab composition and characterization concepts

You Search for Protocols, Samples, and Publications. When you log in you can Create them and annotate Samples with Characterizations, Composition, and General Information


Nanomaterial Sample can be annotated with Composition, Characterization, and Publication. Composition is Nanomaterial Entity, Functionalizing Entity, and Chemical Associations. Characterization is Protocol, Physico-Chemical Characterization, and Vitro and Invivo Characterization


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What types of data can I submit into caNanoLab?

caNanoLab provides support for a variety of different types of data including:

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Can I associate my publication with caNanoLab data?

caNanoLab supports the submission of publication information and the association of caNanoLab data with publications.  To submit publication information, complete the web-based submit publication form. If the publication is available in PubMed, provide the PubMed ID and caNanoLab will auto-populate the publication information. When submitting publication information, select the caNanoLab samples associated with the publication. This will associate the publication with caNanoLab data available for the sample.

In addition to associating samples with publication information stored in the the caNanoLab Data Portal, caNanoLab has established a direct reciprocal link between datasets and associated research articles published by Elsevier.  The current list of Elsevier journals that offer reciprocal linking as well as the future list are available on the caNanoLab Integration with Elsevier web page.

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Who can I contact to save data into caNanoLab?

A data curator is available to assist in curating data from nanotechnology characterizations in biomedicine. Data curation activities on caNanoLab are currently performed by nanotechnology data scientists at Washington University and the Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory (NCL). Data curators assist in extracting data from publications and nanotechnology experiments, annotating extracted data, and providing overall data quality control.

If you are interested in depositing your data into caNanoLab, please contact NCI CBIIT App Support: Application Support Telephone: 240-276-5541 or toll free: 888-478-4423 Email:

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