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This section introduces you to the Biospecimen Research Database User’s Guide. It includes the following topics:


The Biospecimen Research Database (BRD) is an initiative of the Biospecimen Research Network (BRN) program. BRD is a free and publicly accessible database that contains peer-reviewed literature pertinent to the field of human Biospecimen Science. The database is updated daily with both recent and historical publications and may serve as a vehicle for literature review, evaluation of "in use" biospecimen handling protocols, development of new protocols, and identification of analytes that are susceptible or impervious to handling variability. BRD paper entries include primary research or review articles that have been identified, reviewed, and curated by a Ph.D.-level scientist.

This guide explains how to search the BRD and use the new features included in version 3.2.

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This guide is designed for researchers, clinicians, biobanking staff and others who want to search the database to retrieve published information in the field of human biospecimen science.

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To get the most out of this guide, you should have:

  • A general understanding that pre-analytical variability associated with biospecimen collection, handling, storage and processing may or may not impact analytical results
  • Familiarity working with literature databases such as PubMed

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Topics Covered

This brief overview explains what you will find in the succeeding chapters.

Additional chapters are available to curators and administrators.

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Additional References

For more information about the Biospecimen Research Database, see the Biospecimen Research Network web page.

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