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Activity Title:

  • LIDC Markup Conversion to AIM
  • Date Started:  February 13, 2009

Activity Goals:

Use Case Objectives:

  1. A user accesses the NCIA, and is able to filter on AIM characteristics of the images in combination with the existing NCIA query criteria (DICOM attribute tags).
  2. A user is able to query from a workstation (XIP, Ipad..)via the Grid on NCIA model characteristics and AIM characteristics and retrieve the image and AIM data via the Grid to the workstation, and have the workstation present the image and AIM information visually.
  3. A user is able to populate the NCI AIM data service with information associated with NCIA images

Project Components:

  • Map (XSLT) LIDC to AIM
  • Get new terms into RADLEX
  • Run MAX on LIDC data to do nodule-mapping within each LIDC XML file
  • Generate PMAPS (merge) of LIDC reads
  • Set up AIM Data Service at NCI
  • Integrate NCIA GUI with AIM data service for query.
  • Make additions to IPAD or XIP workstation as necessary to successfully load and display LIDC-AIM documents.
  • Utilize AnnotationofAnnotation to track Nodules across Readers, Modality, and/or Time.

Attached Docs:

We have reached initial agreement regarding how to map certain elements in LIDC annotation to AIM, which is documented in attached document LIDCAIMMapping_AIM_010609.doc.  The first round of manual mapping of LIDC annotation to AIM is done and the questions and issues generated in this exercise are documented in another attached document IssuesAndQuestionsFromManualMapping.ppt.

LIDC schema files, annotated LIDC annotation file, LIDC annotation document and most recent version of AIM schema are also included in the attachments.

caBIG Tools Page for AIM

Possible Activity Resources:

  • RADLEX and AIM ontology
    • Daniel Rubin
    • David Channin
    • Pattanasak Mongolowat
    • Vladimir Kleper
  • LIDC
    • Sam Armato
    • Mike McNitt-Grey
  • caDSR
    • Stuart Turner
  • CIP
    • John Freymann
    • Justin Kirby
  • AIM Data Service
    • Ashish Sharma
    • Tony Pan
  • NCIA Development Team
    • Qinyan Pan
    • Jennifer Zeng
    • Anand Basu
  • OHSU
    • Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer

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