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Note: This collection has been migrated to The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA) . Please note the name was also updated to reflect its association with the RIDER project and is now called RIDER Phantom PET-CT. Visit the TCIA RIDER Collections wiki page to learn more.


The Phantom collection consists of repeat measurement PET/CT phantom scan collections carried out under the aegis of the Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM) to discern the uniformity of clinical imaging instrumentation at various sites. They were obtained in cooperation with Society of Nuclear Medicine as a resource for increased quantitative understanding of machine acquisition, analytic reproducibility and image processing.

These images were added as part of the RIDER project in July of 2007. Please view our wiki page on the RIDER collection for more information about this effort.


Additional annotation data about this collection can be viewed in the following document: Ge68Phantom.doc

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