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When a trial has accrued many subjects, rather than entering the data subject-by-subject via the user interface (UI), you can upload all study subject data into CTRP using a batch file upload. The information that follows provides all the details you need to create an Accruals batch file.

Use the Batch File Utility as a guide

If you are new to the batch file creation process, you can use the CTRP Accrual Batch File Tool to get you started. With it you can produce properly-formatted batch files that you can upload in the Accrual application.  

When you create a batch file, ensure that each data element conforms to the requirements:

  • List each data element in its appropriate position in a given row
  • Use the correct character cases (CAPITAL vs. lower case letters)
  • Use the correct character lengths (number of characters allowed in a single field)

After you have prepared a batch file, you can upload it to CTRP.  For instructions on submitting batch files, see Uploading Accrual Batch Data Files.

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