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When calculating accrual for the Data Table 4 report, CTRP considers various factors. Consider the following example. All names and values in this example are fictional:

Participating site ABC is a member of Cancer Center Family 123 (with the relationship "Organization"). Site ABC reported the following accrual amounts for trial ID NCI-2015-9999:

  • 3 on 9/20/15.
  • 13 on 5/25/16.
  • 43 on 9/27/16.
  • 50 on 12/3/16.

At some point after the site reported the above accrual amounts, Cancer Center Family 123 generated a Data Table 4 report with the following date range: 10/1/15 - 9/30/16. In that Data Table 4 report, the accrual counts in the NCI-2015-9999 row reflect the accrual counts for site ABC as follows:

Trial IDCenter Reporting PeriodCenter to Date

The Center Reporting Period column reported 40 for site ABC because CTRP subtracted the 9/20/15 value from the 9/27/16 value. The Center to Date column reported 43 for site ABC because 43 was the last value reported in the reporting period.

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