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The CTRP provides customized reports that enable you to retrieve Data Table 4 accrual information for a Cancer Center, from the CTRP database. The reports include trials led by, or trials in which participants included, any member of the Cancer Center family of organizations. The Data Table 4 report template returns all accruals reported for trials and participating sites with open statuses (as listed in Types of Trials Included in the CTRP Data Table 4 Report), within a time period you specify.

You must have a username and password to use the web application. Additionally, you must have special permission to run the reports. For assistance, contact us at

The Data Table 4 Report lists accrual information reported for a single Cancer Center Family, over any time period since 1-Jan-2009. You can enter any date range.

How to Run Data Table 4 Reports

  1. Visit The login page appears. Specify your user name (email address) and password. Click Sign In. Follow the prompts to complete 2-step verification. The Report Settings dialog box appears for the CTRP Data Table 4 report.

  2. In the Date Range fields, specify a range of time. For each date field, click the calendar icon to select a date.

  3. Specify whether the report should include data from a specific trial type or all trial types. For information, refer to Trial Types and Subtypes.
  4. (Optional) In the Fiscal Year field, specify a fiscal year.
  5. Click Submit. The system loads the report and displays accrual details on the right side. For information on each column, refer to Data Elements Included in the CTRP Data Table 4 Report

To return to the Report Settings dialog box, click Report Settings. For additional instructions, refer to Working with CTRP Automated Reports.

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