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The system displays automated reports in table format. You can navigate through the records in several ways, and choose which columns are of interest to you.

To do this...

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Configure the report settings

Click Report Settings. The Report Settings dialog box appears. For instructions, refer to Generating the CTRP Data Table 4 Report.

Choose which columns to display

In the row of buttons above the report, click Show or Hide Columns. A list of available columns appears. Check or clear the boxes to indicate which columns you want to show or hide. You can also click Show All or Hide All, or type the name of a header to filter the list.

Export all records to a file
  1. In the row of buttons above the report, click Export Table. The Export Table dialog box appears.
  2. You can specify a different file name.
  3. Select the output type (XLSX, CSV, or PDF).

  4. Click Export Table. Depending on your selection, the system generates a Microsoft Excel (XLSX) file, comma-separated values (CSV) file or a Portable Document Format (PDF) file.
  5. Download the file as indicated by your browser's prompts.

If your report contains values with leading zeros (such as in the Protocol ID column), be careful how you open the CSV file:

  • If you open it in a text editor, that type of application retains all leading zeros.
  • If you open it with Microsoft Excel, that application discards leading zeros in numeric values.
  • If you use the Text Import Feature in Microsoft Excel, you can specify the data format for each column (such as Text for the Protocol ID column).

For details, refer to the online help provided with the application you want to use.

Sort your results by column

Click a column heading.

Move hidden columns into viewMove the horizontal scroll bar to the right or left.
Choose how many rows you want to display per pageIn the lower left corner, from the Show selector, select the number of rows.
Move to the previous page of resultsIn the lower right corner, click Previous.

Move to the next page of results

In the lower right corner, click Next.

Move to a specific page of results

In the lower right corner, specify a page number.

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