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This section pertains to Complete trials. You must record NIH grant information for your trial, including the funding mechanism, institute code, serial number, and NCI division/program.

For a complete guide to NIH grant information, refer to the Grants and Funding page at

How to Complete the NIH Grant Information Section

  1. Select or enter the appropriate information in the text fields and drop-down lists. The following table describes the fields. 
    Instructions for recording NIH Grant Information

    Field Label


    Is this trial NCI funded?

    Indicate the type of NCI funding for the trial, select Direct, Indirect or No.

    DirectTrials conducted under any type of contract, grant, or cooperative agreement supported by the NCI (e.g., R01, N01, SPORE, P01, U01, U10) including all National trials (e.g., NCTN, ETCTN, NCORP) and all Intramural trials conducted by the NCI Center for Cancer Research (CCR).

    IndirectAll trials conducted at an NCI-Designated Cancer Center (with P30 center core grant), including all industrial trials – without direct NCI funding.

    NoNCI has not provided any Direct or Indirect funding for the trial.

    Funding Mechanism

    Enter the initial letter(s) and or number(s) in the Funding Mechanism field and then select the NIH unique identifier from the drop-down list. The funding mechanism is a 3-character code used to identify areas of extramural research activity applied to funding mechanisms.


    Click the down arrow in the field, and then use the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard to scroll up and down the drop-down list. When you arrive at the appropriate code, press the ENTER key.

    For a list of valid codes, refer to Funding Mechanism Code Values.

    Institute Code

    Select the two-letter code identifying the first major-level subdivision, the organization that supports an NIH grant, contract, or inter-agency agreement. The support may be financial or administrative.
    For a list of valid codes, refer to NIH Grant Institute Code Values.

    Serial Number

    Enter the number generally assigned sequentially to a series within an Institute, Center, or Division, for example, 123660. If you selected CA in the Institute Code field, the system displays the top ten grants that match the sequence of serial numbers as you type them one-by-one. By selecting a grant from the list, you ensure that you record a valid serial number.

    NCI Division/Program

    Enter the initial letter(s) of the division or program, and then select the organizational unit that provides funding for the study, from the drop-down list.
    For a list of Divisions and Programs, refer to NCI Division and Program Values.

  2. Click Add Grant.

    The Add button is operable only after you have provided the grant information in all fields.

    The grant is displayed and added to the trial, and the Grant fields are reset.

  3. If your trial is funded by more than one grant, repeat the steps above, and then click Add Grant.
  4. To delete a grant record from a trial, in the Action column, click Delete.

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