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The system lists search results in tables. You can navigate through the records in several ways, and choose which columns are of interest to you. Additionally, you can filter the results by typing a string of characters in a search field.

To do this...

Do this...

Move horizontally across the pagePress the Left arrow (<–) or Right arrow (–>) on your keyboard

Sort your results by column

Click the Sort icons

Move to the first page of resultsClick <<
Move to the previous page of resultsClick < or click the preceding page number

Move to the next page of results

Click > or click the next page number

Move to the last page of results

Click >>

Move to a specific page of results

Click a specific page number

Choose how many rows you want to display per pageSelect the number of rows from the Show selector
Choose which columns to display

Click Choose columns. A list of available columns appears. Check or clear the boxes to indicate which columns you want to show or hide.

Search the list of results by keywordsIn the Search field, type one or more characters contained in your keyword(s). The results are filtered as you type subsequent characters.
Export search results to a fileAt the bottom of the page, click CSV to export the search results to a comma-separated file or Excel to export to a file in Microsoft Excel format.


Clinical Trials Search Results page showing choices for columns and number of rows

For more instructions, refer to Filtering Registration Search Results.

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