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Author:  Craig Stancl, Scott Bauer, Cory Endle
Team:  LexEVS
Contract:   S13-500 MOD4
Client:  NCI CBIIT
National Institutes of Heath
US Department of Health and Human Services

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The purpose of this document is to document the technical face to face meeting details between the NCI and Mayo for the National Cancer Institute Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology (NCI CBIIT) LexEVS Release 6.3 and LexEVS Release 6.4 .

2015 December Face-to-Face Meeting Prioritization List

All issues are considered after 6.4 related development.

6.4 Priority (1-high 3-low)

Future Priority

(1-high, 3-low)

 1.5Tech CatalogMigrate to centOS 7


Required for better Docker support.

 1Tech CatalogMigrate to Java 8


 1.5Tech CatalogMigrate to Spring 46.5
 2DevelopmentTree Performance - determine requirements and propose solutionLinked to the triple store discussions.
 2DevelopmentCTS2 Functionality - Expand to fully support browser 
1 (implementation)1DevelopmentCTS2 Functionality - CTRP Support - Determine specific requirements and propose solution (Partonomy, Disease Biomarker, and others)TBD (early 2016Q2?)
1 (gather requirements)2DevelopmentLexEVS Model - OWL and RRF Mapping use cases - Determine requirements and propose solution

This would include consulting with Harold Solbrig.

Considerations for backward compatibility with suggested changes.

Will contribute to the triple store discussion.

Implementation would happen after 6.4.

1 (implementation) DevelopmentMulti-namespace LEXEVS-1386 - Getting issue details... STATUS Existing JIRA item.
 2DevelopmentMulti-namespace - Horizontal navigation - determine requirements and propose solutionMay require model change.
 2DevelopmentQuery - Relationships - determine requirements and propose solution 
 2DevelopmentInferred Data - determine requirements and propose solution 
 2DevelopmentRemove caCORE (API artifacts)Gilberto to verify the removal.
 1.5DevelopmentRefactor Remote APISuggested inclusion with Spring migration
1 (implementation)3DevelopmentCTS2 Functionality - Ability to provide complete transitive closure (this includes path(s) to root)Will support CTRP requirement.
 2DevelopmentCTS2 Functionality - Ability to restrict to association 
2 (implementation)3DevelopmentCTS2 Functionality - Ability to provide history API functionalityMay be required for CTRP
 3DevelopmentCTS2 Functionality - Ability to group value sets together (FDA and SPL)May require changes to LexEVS and an addition to the browser.
 3DevelopmentCTS2 Functionality - Report to OMG the issue pertaining to return all results 
 2DevelopmentCTS2 Functionality - Ability to restrict to properties and to matching properties 
 2DevelopmentCTS2 - Verify the resolution of subject to and target of relationships is CTS2 compliant and provide the preferred presentation 

Documentation Updates - review and clean up "LexEVS Code Examples"

 3SupportDocumentation Updates - Update CTS2 API documentation 
 2DevelopmentPresentation of Value Set and Mapping Data with Hierarchical structure - determine requirements and propose solution. 
1 DevelopmentLucene Implementation - Document query result differences and share with group to decide on solution.This is part of our 6.4 implementation work.
 1LoaderOWL2 - LEXEVS-586 - Getting issue details... STATUS Gilberto to provide requirements.
 1LoaderOWL2 - LEXEVS-1160 - Getting issue details... STATUS Included as part of OWL2 implementation.
 4LoaderMedDRA - Provide comparison of MedDRA loaders to identify differences - determine requirements and propose a solution. 
 3LoaderHL7 - LEXEVS-1037 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
1 LoaderMedDRA - Close LEXEVS-339 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
1 LoaderHL7 - Close LEXEVS-584 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
 3LoaderHL7 - Review HL7 website rendering of brach/hierarchy to determine requirements and to propose solution to support HL7 structure. 
 2LoaderLoad Process Automation - determine requirements and propose a solution.Includes Rob and Tracy.
 1AdminReview all loader related JIRA issues and remove those that are no longer valid. 
 2LoaderMySQL 5.5 Table Locking issue - propose a solution.Need to create JIRA item.
 2LoaderSNOMED - LEXEVS-234 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
 2LoaderOWL2 - LEXEVS-347 - Getting issue details... STATUS  

Value Set - LEXEVS-459 - Getting issue details... STATUS

1 LoaderCLAML - Close - LEXEVS-535 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
 1LoaderCreate an OWL2 to LexGrid Model spreadsheet (mapping).Tracy will lead this
 2DevelopmentTriple Store / SPARQL- Clarify the strengths and weaknesses in the tools (Blazegraph, Virtuoso, Stardog) to determine how to best address the browser and LexEVS needs.This will be led by Kim and Jason. They will share their evaluation with the group to help determine the best approach.

Review of value set workflow (including resolution) to determine requirements and proposed changes.  

 2DevelopmentReview of admin workflow to determine requirements and proposed admin script changes and additions. (to replace using lbGUI) 
 2DevelopmentlbGUI - Provide viewing additional metadata in the GUI. 





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