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Discussion items

ValueSet QA
  • Two scripts are in production and able to produce useful report
  • Plans for loader probably not feasible
    • Break out tasks into spreadsheet to examine each step for feasibility

EVS Exporter
  • To be on Production shortly.
  • Undergoing process review - at CIT level?

Term Browser
New version heading up the tiers

Metrics DashboardEVS Analytics Dashboard Project Documents
  • Status meeting went well
  • Sumo (recommended by L Brem) and Beats
    • Sumo possibly superior to ELK, but is large
    • Beats is a "file shipper" that reads file and connects to Elastic Search
      • Will need to be installed on proxy server - with each proxy having it's own Beats running
      • Possibly could have one beats to combine them but unclear how to break them out.
      • lightweight application
    • Possibly centralized logstash and Elastic Search
  • GUI functions and appearance planning
    • tomorrow noon ET
  • GA tracks websites, not services.  Some of our sitestats sites won't appear in GA
  • Two APIs right now - regular and Google Tags so need to update some sites
    • Data API V1 - latest GA tag.  Works for EVSExporter but not other web apps
    • Jason has trackers for EVSExplorer to update to latest GA tag to match EVSExporter
    • Need new tag numbers for nciterms, ncim, ncitermsuggestion, reportwriter, to put in tracker
  • Footprint for data storage for historical data
    • Possibly a one time copy of old logs to local storage and have Beats read from there.
    • Storage would be indexes and unclear form or size for these yet. Possible to do some filtering before storage
  • We want to have the reporting function solid by the next budget cycle in August.

Action items