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Statistics Dashboard Kickoff Meeting



Bauer, Scott

Endle,  CoryNIH/NCI [C]


Velilla, MichaelNIH/NCI [C]x
Kadali, ShivNIH/NCI [C]x
Scott, EricNIH/NCI [C]x


Statistics Dashboard Discussion

ATO Fast Track

Discussion Points:

  • Fast Track (2 weeks) or full process - 6 months
    • Fast track would include our application under the EVS umbrella
    • 2 main criteria for fast track:
      • No IP tracking.  Domain and country information may be ok.  We will need further clarification.
      • Can't leverage 3rd party services.  Our application would need to be managed by CBIIT.
        • We will need to confirm that our use of Google Analytics is acceptable as proposed

Decision Points:

EVS Application Umbrella

Discussion Points:

  • Eric asked the question as to what umbrella this application was going to live under and referenced the already existing EVS application group.  The alternative was the ATO which may very well trigger the longer process. 
  • At this point, we would like to be under the existing EVS application umbrella.

Decision Points:

Tool Usage

Discussion Points:

  • This will be an internal tool inside the VPN.

Decision Points:


EVS Analytics Dashboard Project Documents

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