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Statistics Dashboard Kickoff Meeting



Safran, Tracy

Endle,  CoryNIH/NCI [C]x
Lucas, JasonNIH/NCI [C]x


Statistics Dashboard Discussion

User Interface Requirements

Discussion Points:

  • IP Address:  At most, we would use the domain and country.
    • Consume logs that IPs in logs.
    • Application wouldn't have PII. Just domain and country would be displayed
      • No company names (as sites stats is).
  • UI usage
    • Management - Report (historical/retrospective)
      • This should be worked on first
      • Unique visitors (per app) per month
      • Number of visits/month
      • Duration of visits during the month
      • Data downloaded
      • Number of users per domain
    • Systems/Dev users (active/real time)
      • Lyuba would look at dashboard to see everything is up and running
        • Red/Green lights for running for each EVS app.
      • Metrics that are not recorded by GA
        • Domain of user
      • User metrics that are in GA
        • Country of access
        • New or returning users
        • Frequency of return
        • Browser utilized
      • System metrics
        • When traffic goes up or down dramatically
        • When page loads exceed a set target
        • Average page load times
    • UI should be similar to Google analytics, but easy to use without all of the extra features.
    • Aggregate across applications?
      • Show current users for each analytics?
        • This may be phase 2 of project
      • Browser applications VS APIs (that are not in GA)
        • Give me all the API info
        • Give me all the browser info

Decision Points:

GA Data holding

Discussion Points:

  • GA stores data for 26 months?
  • May have to download certain data locally.


EVS Analytics Dashboard Project Documents

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