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Statistics Dashboard Architecture Discussion Meeting



Bauer, Scott

Endle,  CoryNIH/NCI [C]


Brem, LarryNIH/NCI [C]x
Kadalli, ShivNIH/NCI [C]x
Dhulipala, SrinivasNIH/NCI [C]x
Pan, SueNIH/NCIx


Statistics Dashboard Discussion

Overview of project

Discussion Points:

  • What is specific about our project?
  • Sue asked: are there projects/apps that can do the work we want without creating one off apps?
    • Can Google Analytics work for us? 
      • We mentioned that REST API's don't
    • Planning on setting up GA in an enterprise setting at NCI.
  • Scott gave overview of what our requirements are, reviewing different applications out there.
    • SiteStats
    • Government Analytics site
    • ELK - Scott gave overview of our preliminary architecture diagram.
    • Sumo Logic - for log aggregation
      • Larry/Sue mentioned that it may be able to use within NCI in a month or two.
      • Similar to filebeats (to collect data)
      • Ability to visualize data in a dashboard (like Kabana)
  • Larry mentioned that anyone with an API/website would want this dashboard
  • Sue mentioned PowerBI may be able to do the dashboard capabilities.
    • NCI has a whole site license for PowerBI.
    • There are NCI classes to learn PowerBI. 
    • She can send links out if interested.
  • Sue suggested a possible solution using the following:
    • Sumo Logic - log aggregation
    • PowerBI - Dashboard - visualization tool for the data
  • We will need to specify how long the access logs need to be available.
  • We may need to provide authentication into the dashboard tool.
    • PowerBI has LDAP integrated in it already.

Decision Points:

  • Sue to send links to PowerBI classes to Scott/Cory.
  • Sue will add Scott/Cory to working group - NCI-Cloud DevSecOps Team
  • Larry will discuss with security group regarding our usage of IPs

Discussion Points:

Decision Points:


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