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Tool overview

Version 4.2 represents the current production release of NCI Enterprise Vocabulary Services. In this release, the LexBIG Java API and LexGrid model provide the underpinnings to serve caBIG® vocabulary resources.

diagram of EVS 43.2 design

This release of EVS represents a hybrid design, integrating components of legacy EVS architectures with LexGrid/LexBIG technologies. This allows the same vocabularies to be served in terms of the older EVS model (via pre-existing EVS APIs) or the LexGrid model (via the LexBIG API).

Users should be aware that the legacy EVS model and API have been formally deprecated in this release. Therefore, a fundamental goal for the release is to provide a migration path that allows users to transition from the older/legacy EVS interfaces toward adoption of newer LexEVS interfaces (based on the LexGrid model and LexBIG API).

In this release, many EVS and LexGrid/LexBIG components are individually packaged, versioned, and installed. As the transition from the legacy EVS interfaces completes (in version 5.0), all packages will begin to carry the LexEVS name and abide by the same conventions for version numbering.

What's new

LexEVS 4.2.1 Released February 6, 2009
Release Notes

At-a-glance specifications

  • Version Number and Release Date: LexEVS 4.2.1 Released February 6, 2009
  • caBIG® Tool Bundle: Not applicable
  • Grid Enabled: Release 5.0
  • Compatibility Level: Release 5.0 submitted for Silver
  • Installation Level: Intermediate - technical assistance may be required, download may require supporting infrastructure or software
  • System Requirements: Not applicable, retired

Installation and downloads

  • LexBIG Java API, v2.3
    Installs the LexBIG runtime API, source loaders, and administrative utilities developed as part of the LexEVS project. The installation package is hosted on the NCI GForge site as part of LexEVS project files.

LexEVS 4.2 Documentation

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Refer to the support information on the LexEVS 6.0 application summary page.

Training materials and background information

Presentations and demos

None listed for LexEVS 4.2.

Related Tools

All other versions of LexEVS.

Additional resources

  • LexEVS 6.0 Design Document
    If you would like to look through the information that gave rise to this release you can check out the design documents.
  • LexGrid Model and Schema
    The LexGrid Model is the underlying informational model used to store terminological metadata. It is Mayo Clinic's proposal for standard storage of controlled vocabularies and ontologies. The model defines how vocabularies should be formatted and represented programmatically, and is intended to be flexible enough to accurately represent a wide variety of vocabularies and other lexically-based resources.
  • LexBig Model and Schema
    These are the extensions used to support EVS API adapters. The LexBIG vocabulary model extends the LexGrid model to provide unique constructs or granularity required by caBIG® that are not present in the core model.
  • NCI Thesaurus
    NCI Thesaurus (NCIt) provides reference terminology for many NCI and other systems. It covers vocabulary for clinical care, translational and basic research, and public information and administrative activities.
  • NCI Metathesaurus
    NCI Metathesaurus (NCIm) is a wide-ranging biomedical terminology database that covers most terminologies used by NCI for clinical care, translational and basic research, and public information and administrative activities.