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These servers do not represent the minimum hardware required for loading any terminology. The LexEVS Local Runtime performs adequately in an environment with a memory limit of 2GB, but users cannot load larger owl files, such as the full NCI Thesaurus or NCI Metathesaurus, in such environments. Users will have to load such terminologies on more powerful hardware. There does not exists a list showing the minimum hardware for a given terminology. Please refer to the Vocabulary Knowledge Center Support Statement for more information.

The servers listed in the following table represent hardware that LexEVS has been tested on.


Linux Server

Linux Server

Linux VM Server



Dell Poweredge 2900

Penguin Computing
Tempest 2900

Guest OS Linux

Dell Latitude


2 x Intel® Xeon™ E5405
Quad Core Processors 2.00GHz

Dual AMD Opteron 248 processors (64 bit)

2 x 2812.689 MgHz CPUS

1 x Intel® Core-Duo™ Processor 2.6 GHz


32 GB

16 GB

8 GB

2 GB

Local Disk

3.6 TB Raid 5 disk array

250 GB Raid 1 disk
drive(s) 250 GB stand alone disk drive

65 GB

System 1 x 80GB


CentOS release 5.4

Fedora Core 6.0

Red Hat Enterprise Linux
AS release 4 (Nahant Update 7)

Windows XP Professional