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The following topics are included in this guide:


The information in this guide pertains to LexEVS v5.0 and v5.1. This guide outlines the supported configurations, and provides technical instructions for installing the LexGrid Enterprise Vocabulary Services for caBIG®, referred to as LexEVS for the remainder of the guide.


For the best results it is recommended that you follow the procedures described in this guide with minimal deviation. There may be times when a screen shot or a version number on a file may differ from what you see exactly. Within reason, this is to be expected.
The installation guide will use select software from the prerequisite software list as the example. It may also mix the use of UNIX and Windows platforms in its examples. You may need to extrapolate what you see here to the prerequisite software and operating system that you have chosen for your install.

Target Audience

The technical details for installation and configuration information in this guide are written for skill levels of a typical system or database administrator.

Contacting Technical Support

LexEVS Application Support

Vocabulary Knowledge Center
Division of Biomedical Statistics and Informatics
Mayo Clinic

LexBIG and LexEVS news, forums and Bug/Feature tracking

LexBIG and LexEVS information is maintained by the Vocabulary Knowledge Center:
LexEVS 5.1
LexEVS 5.0
Discussion forums
Bug Reports and Feature Requests To Include