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Subject: Important EVS Software Update: LexEVS 6.5 Replacing 6.4

LexEVS 6.5 Released, 6.4 Deprecated: Java API Users Should Update


LexEVS 6.5 has been used for many months by NCI browsers and other tools, and is now the official release version for all users.  LexEVS 6.4 is deprecated, but will be left up for several months to allow API users to transition.  LexEVS 6.5 is mostly backwards compatible with earlier 6.x releases, and should seamlessly support almost all users of the older APIs.  Two important caveats:

  1. The LexEVS 6.5 release migrates to Java 1.8, so users should update their client jars.  
  2. Some serializable objects were affected at the API level, potentially causing some distributed calls to the remote LexEVS API to fail.

Also, all legacy caCORE Data Services including QBE, Soap and caCORE REST services have been removed from the LexEVS Remote API.


For more information, see the LexEVS 6.5 Release Notes:

We are recommending that Java API users follow the migration guide linked to in those notes:

This is especially critical for any end users migrating from 6.3 (yes, there are some!), since the application context was updated after that release.

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