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Safran, Tracy

Ong, Kim L
Lucas, Jason R
Bauer, Scott  Mayox
Stancl, Craig
Endle,  CoryMayox
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Action Items

AssignedDescriptionDate IdentifiedDue DateDate CompletedStatus
CoryRequest DEV VM at NCI.2016.12.072016.12.212016.12.18Closed
JasonRequest Java 8 VM environment build.2016.12.072016.12.212016.12.14Closed
ScottCreate new issue for API for LEXEVS-25102016.12.072016.12.21 Open

Schedule backlog grooming meeting (Dec 21 at 1:00?)

2016.12.072016.12.21 Open
CraigClose all "on hold" JIRA issues as "resolved - not fixed"2016.12.072016.12.212016.12.20Closed
CoryAdd link to Maven Opts for end users2016.12.21  


ScottCreate new JIRA issue to enhance OBI loader issue LEXEVS-25032016.12.21  


LEXEVS-2586 - Getting issue details... STATUS

CorySet up a planning session for Value Set architecture2016.12.21  Open


Sprint Status


Current Sprint  Sprint 45 (December 8, 2016 – December 21, 2016)

16X237 Agile Development - Sprint Status#16X237AgileDevelopment-SprintStatus-Sprint45

LexEVS Java 1.8 environment

  • Status update: Jason

Discussion Points:

  • Ticket was submitted for VM that contains CentOS 7 and Java 8 for testing
  • The current DEV system would be rebuilt in the meantime with CentOS 7 while we use the VM (above that was created)

Decision Points:

  • We need to do our MySQL 5.6 performance testing prior to upgrading DEV with CentOS 7 Snapshot build update

Discussion Points:

Decision Points:

NCI Nexus Server Migration Update

Discussion Points:

  • Phil is assisting with the Nexus publishing issues with the CTS2 project now.

Decision Points:

OBI Load

Discussion Points:

Decision Points:

  • We will need to create a new JIRA item
    • The properties in the entity description should be prioritized/ranked
  • Gilberto will send the other issue to the OBI team.

Value set resolution


Discussion Points:

  • LEXEVS-2510 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • The top node with no other nodes is considered to be an empty value set
  • If the concept has a target it is not an empty value set.
  • We need to consider the direction of the association. We should not have a self referencing association

Decision Points:

Plan Value Set Architecture Session

Discussion Points:

  • We have discussed using triple stores for managing value sets. 
  • We will need to determine the underlying architecture going forward (lexevs/triple stores)
  • Tracy suggested a micro service to access triple stores for value sets. 
    • This would be just a back end implementation.  LexEVs would still be the front end/API used.
    • The current triple store implementation doesn't provide the same search functionality as LexEVS does.

Decision Points:

  • Craig to set up a planning session for Value Set architecture.
    • Attendees: Tracy, Rob, Jason, Kim, Cory, Craig, Scott, Kevin
    • Set up meeting after the holiday week. (Week of January 2nd)
Initial JIRA issue grooming

Discussion Points:

Decision Points:

  • Include Jason in the next issue grooming meeting.
LexEVS External UsersNo updates.
Team Absences

Mayo Team

  • Cory - Dec 23, 26, Jan 2
  • Scott - Dec 23, 26, Jan 2
  • Craig - Dec 26 -30, Jan 2


  • Tracy
    • Jan 9-17
    • Feb 21-24
  • Rob
    • 12/19

    • 12/23-12/27

    • 1/2/2017

JIRA Issues

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6.4 CTS2 Service Related Issues

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