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Action Items

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CoryAdd link to Maven Opts for end users2016.12.21 


6 - Installing LexEVS 6.x CTS2 Services



Sprint Status


Current Sprint  Sprint 54 (April 13, 2017 – April 26, 2017)

16X237 Agile Development - Sprint Status#16X237AgileDevelopment-SprintStatus-Sprint54

  • Tracy mentioned that there was a CTRP meeting on Monday.
    • A request from that team is to get back limited data from the lexevs- service (instead of the entire entity).  Just FULLSYN data as an example.
DEV Blade - Update to 6.5.0 RC 1
  • Testing update
  • Moving up the tiers
  • URI Resolver (Java 1.8)

Discussion Points:

  • Jacob to install URI Resolver and CTS2 in separate containers.
  • Kim's browser testing looks good.
  • Tracy/Rob to load the latest source and then test today.
    • Kim/Jason will test with the latest source when Tracy has completed the load.

Decision Points:

  •  If everything goes well, we should be able to create a FINAL version next week.

Value Set Architecture Discussion

  • Use case for OWL expressivity

Discussion Points: 

  • LexEVS 6.5.1 Value Set Architecture
  • We had a meeting last week and another one is scheduled for this afternoon.
  • Scott asked - What is the use case that would require us to use the triple store or OWL2 API?  Do we need an OWL representation?
    • Larry suggested it could be used for concept models, role groups, and traversal.  For value sets - it was for more rich information (hierarchical)
  • Are there aspects of the OWL class that can't be stored in OWL?
    • Restrictions, Anonymous nodes are not well defined in LexEVS API.
  • LexEVS API performance may be an issue and a reason to move to OWL.
  • Larry offered a use case: Structured organization of the role relationships in the browser. They could only separate out roles that were directly attached.
    • This is associated to reasoning and OWL.
    • This is a general coding scheme issue (not necessarily associated to value sets).
  • Gilberto - We only need OWL it if we show the OWL semantics. 
    • Relationships without the anonymous nodes is faster.
    • In the value sets, we don't need the expressivity. 
    • There may be a performance penalty to navigate from a concept in a value set to another entity.

Decision Points: 

Docker - Next Steps Discussion

  • Update from recent meeting

Discussion Points:

  • The server is configured with Jenkins and Docker.
    • There are a few adjustments that are still needed.
  • Next Steps - Meet with the the systems group and work on reusable containers that have approved NCI tech stack software.

Decision Points:

Triple Store Hierarchy Discussion

Discussion Points:

  • This has already been discussed above to some extent.
  • We will need to work through more of this during our VS architecture discussion.

Decision Points: Migration

Discussion Points:

Decision Points:

  • Scott will coordinate with the NCI team when we plan to change the DNS settings for

Access to NCI Wiki Pages

  • External user access
  • Development Documents access

Discussion Points:

  • Craig was wondering if LexES Project Documents folder and sub folders should be visible to all.
    • Larry suggested these folders should be public unless there is private information.

Decision Points:

  • Larry requested that we check the contract to verify what is mentioned.  Does it specify that certain pages should be public?
    • Kumar will investigate what the contract contains.
  • It was decided to leave it open to the public for now.

Deployable LexEVS Containers

    • NCI Containers for deployment

Discussion Points:

  • This was discussed above.

Decision Points:

LexEVS External Users

  •  Interest in LexEVS Docker containers for deploymentF
  • caDSR content admin
    • Run queries against LexEVS and using Python (not using LexEVS Admin)

Discussion Points:

  •  Scott has sent the user in caDSR some sample code and tips on how to directly access the LexEVS DB.
  • The user is working on the UMLS.  The user wants the mappings.
    • The user wants to retrieve the semantic types for certain terms and also get the mappings.

Decision Points:

  • Scott to send the code examples to Tracy and she will add the code to the LexEVS coding examples on the wiki.
Team Absences

Mayo Team

  • Cory
    • April 28
  • Scott
    • April 28 - May 8
  • Craig


  • Tracy
    • April 27
  • Rob
  • Kim

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