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Ong, Kim L ISx
Lucas, Jason R ISx

Safran, Tracy

Wynne, Robert    NIH/NCI [C]x
Bauer, Scott  Mayox
Stancl, Craig
Endle,  CoryMayox



Review of Kim's Resolved Value Set Proposal (Kim)


Discussion Points: 

  • Kim described his approach:
    • Kim's approach would eliminate the need for all of the current resolved value sets. 
    • Kim's one OWL file would replace all of these.
    • Can use Protege to find all parent-child (subClassOf) and concept_in_subset (A8) relationships in NCI Thesaurus.
    • Resolving values sets with Kim's OWL file would take about 5 seconds.
  • OWL file would be loaded after VS coding schemes are loaded. 
    • All 740 value set definitions would be created.
  • This would bypass the existing lexevs value set API
  • We would use the OWL API to pull data out of the OWL text file.
  • We would need extra code generated against the OWL API to accomplish this.
  • With this change, the browser will change from the RSV API to the coding scheme API.
  • These changes are only for the NCIT. 
  • The LexEVS model and API will not change.
  • The generated OWL file doesn't have a single header concept.
    • The top node
  • Kim confirmed that the value set editors will not have any additional work using this process.

Decision Points:

  • Requirements
    • Generate: NCI_Thesaurus_Value_Set.owl file
    • Create convenience method: restrictToMatchingProperties (OR) on multiple matching values.
      • What is the expected input/output?
      • Kim to provide a use case/example for the input/output
    • Load OWL file in less than an hour.
    • Kim to make list of all requirements for generating the OWL file.
  • Create a JIRA item to track this issue.


Kim's value set proposal reference file

Value Set Issues Identified during 2016.12 Technical Face-To-Face

2016.12 Technical Face-To-Face Prioritization List


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