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Configuring Tomcat 7 Servers and MySQL Server to Run as Services

Continual services

MySQL, the Tomcat server for NBIA, and the Tomcat server optionally installed for UPT must run continually as services. The instructions in this section cover all of these scenarios. For an NBIA 7.1 GA deployment, there are at least three servers, and if UPT is installed, four servers:

  • Tomcat 7 (for the NBIA application)
  • MySQL 5.5 - Only use this version, as newer versions have not been tested with NBIA.
  • CTP (Clinical Trial Processor)

Running Tomcat as a Service

Tomcat with default NBIA

The default NBIA installation runs Tomcat as a command line process using the user currently logged on. Therefore, when you log out as this user, Tomcat is no longer available for NBIA. For that reason, it is recommended that you configure your Tomcat servers to run as a Linux or Windows service. The instructions are contained in this section.

To run Tomcat as a service

  1. Linux
    See Exit Disclaimer logo .

  2. Windows
    To run an existing Tomcat command line installation see  Exit Disclaimer logo

    Once Tomcat is installed, you will need to provide the Windows Service with the location of jaas.conf in the Tomcat conf directory. Do this by running Configure Tomcat, which was installed with the Windows Service under the Java tab.

    Example: indicates where the files are.

Apache Tomcat 7.0 New Properties


You need administrator access to complete this task.

Running MySQL as a Service

Server installed?

It is assumed that your MySQL server was installed as a service. If it was not, follow these recommendations for installing this server as a service.

To run MySQL as a service

  1. Linux
    Refer to Exit Disclaimer logo .

  2. Windows
    When installing MySQL server on Windows, choose the option to run MySQL as a Windows service or refer to Exit Disclaimer logo for starting MySQL as a Windows Service.

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