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Instructions follow for Configuring DisplayInList Setting

Instructions should only be a one-time procedure per metaproject if the DisplayInList property has not already been set.

  • On the class hierarchy section in the metaproject, click on 'Operation', then 'CoreProtegeOperations' underneath. Within the Instance Browser section, select the 'Create New Instance' button, and add 'DisplayInList' as the new operation name.
  • On the left-hand menu, click on 'GroupOperation', and select 'GrpOp(World).' You will then see a list of allowed operations for the group on the right.  Click 'Add a new Instance', and select 'DisplayInList' to be added.
  • On the left-hand menu, select 'PolicyControlledObject', and click 'Project'. Select a project in the Instance Browser section, and add the GrpOp(World) group operation in the lower section of the Instance Editor. Do the same for all projects.
  • On the left-hand side menu, select 'Group' and select 'World' from the Instance Browser section. Within the Instance Editor section add all users in the metaproject to the World Group. Save changes and exit the client.

If 'DisplayInList' exists in 'GrpOp(World)' yet you need to hide a certain project from selection (e.g., the Annotation Thesaurus), clone the GrpOp(World) instance and remove the 'DisplayInList' instance.  You will then need to assign the correct 'GrpOp(World)' instance to that particular Project instance.  The selection order should match those that were in the instance pane.