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All Client (end-user) machines must now be updated with the new version of the client to support all updates and changes performed form the latest build Since a new version of Protégé will be installed to the machine, the current version and all corresponding files will need to be removed For now, we only update local editor's machines There are other outside editors that utilize the NCI Thesaurus instance of Protégé. They can download the new client from GForge, and access the server remotely via VPN NCI Thesaurus editors also have an option of accessing the new client remotely from a Citrix Server Once a new client has been posted on GForge, contact the Systems team to coordinate the update of the client on the Citrix server DO NOT advertise that the client is available until it has been updated properly on the Citrix server.

  • On the end user's machine, navigate to the previous version of the Protégé client, which should be located at C:\Program Files\Protege.Client-x.xx.x. Once found, the entire folder can be deleted.
  • Log into Gforge, and navigate to the EVS Collaborative Terminology Dev Tools tab, and click on the 'Files' subtab Here, you will see a list of downloadable clients per tier Download the latest Production .exe file which contains the latest version of the client Extract the contents of the zipped file to the end-user's C:\Program Files directory.
  • Open the Protégé.Client-x.x.x folder and right click on run_protege_<PROTÉGÉ INSTANCE>.bat and create a shortcut for the file.
  • Copy the shortcut and paste it on the end-user's desktop for easy access. Rename the shortcut to something that the editors can find easily on their desktop.
  • Navigate to the end-user's Start Menu folder: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs Copy the batch file shortcut into the Programs folder The end user's machine should now have access to the Protégé Client via the Start Menu Rename the shortcut to something a bit more appropriate rather than "shortcut to.....".
  • Test the newly installed client by running run_protege_<PROTÉGÉ INSTANCE>.bat and connecting to the server for BiomedGT, or for NCIt If connection is a success, the end-user should be able to access and view the database project.