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Multiple macros are available to show and hide blocks of content.  

  • If you want to specify different text for the expand and collapse links, use the combination of Cloak, Toggle Cloak, and Composition macros.
  • Otherwise, use the Expand macro. (It is easier to implement.) 

Key point for accessibility: Make sure the link text briefly and uniquely describes the hidden content or what the link does, as in the following examples:

  • Show
  • Hide

Avoid vague link text such as "Click here." 

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Expand Macro

You can use the Expand macro to show and hide blocks of content. For examples of the Expand macro in use, try searching for the Expand macro. For instructions, refer to Atlassian help: Exit Disclaimer logo

Cloak, Toggle Cloak, and Composition Setup Macros

The Cloak macro may be used in conjunction with the Toggle Cloak macro to show and hide blocks of content. Both must be preceded by the Composition Setup macro.

To enter the Composition Setup macro

  1. Type as much of the following as needed to open the macro browser. 

  2. From the list of macros, select Composition Setup.
  3. In the macro panel, enter the parameters. The following code block lists example parameters. 

    cloak.toggle.type = text[show]

The Composition Setup macro follows. It is not visible on the completed page.

In this example, a panel encloses a table of contents which may be shown or hidden. The first macro in the panel is the Toggle Cloak macro with the ID TOC. Next is the Cloak macro with the ID TOC. The Cloak macro contains the Table of Contents macro. Thus the Table of Contents macro is cloaked.

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To enter the macros

  1. Type as much of the following as needed to open the macro browser. 

  2. When the macro browser opens, select the Cloak or Toggle Cloak macro from the list.
  3. In the macro dialog box, enter the ID (such as TOC in the example). 
  4. Click Save.

Refer to the ServiceRocket site for documentation of the Composition Setup, Toggle Cloak, and Cloak macros:

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