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Question: Is there any size or format limitation on the files uploaded to caArray?

Topic: caArray Usage

Release: Up to caArray 2.2

Date entered: 03/23/2009

Details about the Question

I'm experiencing some difficulty in uploading data into caArray. It seams to load a zip file containing 36 .CEL files fine, but not a zip file containing a 100 files. I suspect that the size of the zip file is probably the culprit.


Any Individual files or multiple files packaged in a .zip format can be uploaded to caArray. Due to browser limitations, the combined size of your upload must be less than 2 GB. If you need to upload more data, you must do so in multiple steps.

An individual file (whether standalone or packaged in a zip) can only be half as large as the amount of memory on your server for the validation and import processing to occur. caArray 2.2 has been tested using a 2 GB allocation of memory and therefore the maximum size of any individual, un-zipped file is 1 GB.

caArray supports the upload of .zip compressed files only. NO other compression formats are supported in v.2.2 for extraction. caArray automatically extracts the files from a .zip file, discards the original and displays each of the files in the .zip to the user, indicating that each has been uploaded.

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