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Question: Which files can be uploaded into caArray?

Topic: caArray Usage

Release: caArray Up to 2.2.0

Date entered: 03/26/2009

Details about the Question

I have array design files, microarray data files, and experiment-related publications and protocols. Which files can be stored in caArray? Where and how can I upload them into caArray?


As an information sharing tool, caArray can accept upload of many file types. The table below summarizes those file types, and where and how files are uploaded in caArray. Reference links are to the caArray User's Guide.

Upload Files into caArray

File Types


File Destination

Uploading Step

Array Design File
(See Importing an Array Design.)


->"Manage Array Design"

"Manage Array Design" 
    -> "Import a New Array Design"

Files associated with samples:

  • Array Annotation file: .idf, .sdrf
  • Raw or Processed Array Data files
    (Any file type on the list under "Change File Types")
    (See About File Types in caArray.)


"Experiment Management"
-> "Data"
->"Imported data"

"Experiment Management" 
 -> "Create/Propose Experiment" 
    or "My Experiment Workspace"
  -> "Data"
   -> "Manage Data" 
    -> "Upload New Data Files"
     ->Select Files

Information Files Associated at Experiment level
(See Validating Data Files.)

  • Word documents,
  • Excel spreadsheets,
  • Power Point files, PDFs


"Experiment Management"
->"Supplemental Files"

"Experiment Management" 
 ->"Create/Propose Experiment" 
   or "My Experiment Workspace"
  -> "Data"
   -> "Manage Data" 
    -> "Upload New Data Files"
    -> Select Files
     -> "Add Supplemental Files"

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