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Question: Can multiple users upload microarray datafiles under the same experiment?

Topic: caArray Usage

Release: caArray 2.X

Date entered: 06/10/2009

Details about the Question

I have created a new experiment for the investigator. Now I need to transfer the ownership under me to my investigator. Can I do that?


Yes. Multiple users can contribute the data under the same pre-published experiment. To enable this function, the experiment owner must first make the experiment sharable and assign the access right to a collaborator group:

  1. The owner needs to change the experiment from "Draft" state to "In Progress" state by clicking "Submit Experiment Proposal".
  2. The owner grants the "Read/Write" or other appropriate role to a selected collaborator group. Refer to caArrayDemo-002 How to Use caArray to Share Pre-Publishing Data? listed under caArray Usage on the caArray Demos page.
  3. Other users in this collaborator group can now upload new files to this experiment.
  4. Different users can only access others' files after the files have been imported (that is, under the "Imported Data" tab and "supplemental file"). If a file is still in the working stage (that is, under the "Manage Data" tab), it is only accessible to its own submitter.

For detailed steps on how to share pre-published data, please refer to How to Use caArray to Share Pre-Publishing Data?

Special Note for caArray Version 2.3 and up

Starting in caArray version 2.3, Step 1 is no longer necessary. All public visibility is also managed under Permissions.

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