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Question: How do we install caArray on multiple servers?

Topic: caArray Installation

Release: Up to caArray 2.x

Date entered: 09/22/2009

Details about the Question

Is it possible to install caArray with the grid service on a separate host?


The caGrid team and the caArray team ran through the command line installation on Linux and prepared the following document with detailed steps:

caArray Installation on Two Servers

Special Notes about this document:

  1. The caArray installer will not run if you are connected as the root user, but that's not documented.
  2. caArray install requires a caArray database to be created before the installer executes. The document has provided instructions for those new to mySQL.
  3. Code is provided for creating Ant targets for installing caArray components separately.
  4. A hardcoded "localhost" value in caarray/bda-utils/resource/template-binding.xml was causing problems. Instructions are provided to fix this issue.
  5. Information about server ports is provided to allow firewall configuration.
  6. Instructions are provided for testing the configuration using sample data.

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