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Question: Can I edit my experiment that has already been made public?

Topic: caArray Usage

Release: Up to caArray 2.2

Date entered: 11/20/2009


Users can regain control of an experiment that has been made public. However, in order to do so, users must first retract the experiment to the work queue.

The illustrations below show the the workflow for making an experiment public and then retracting the experiment for further modification.

screenshot illustrating text

When an experiment is first created, by default it is under the folder of "Work Queue" and with a status of Draft. An experiment in "Draft" state can be edited by its owner but cannot be shared with other users

screenshot illustrating text

To share the experiment lin-00011, open the experiment and select "Submit Experiment Proposal"

screenshot illustrating text

Experiment: lin-00011 is still a private experiment under the "Work Queue" folder. But it is now with a Status of In Progress. When an experiment is "In Progress", owner can edit the experiment and share this experiment with the other users.

screenshot illustrating text

To make the experiment visible to public, the owner must submit the experiment to public. To do so, open the experiment: lin-00011 and then click on "Make Experiment Public".

screenshot illustrating text

Experiment: lin-00011 is now a public experiment. It has been relocated to the folder of "Public Experiments". When an experiment is a public experiment, it can not be modified by anyone.

screenshot illustrating text

To modify a public experiment, user must first retract that public experiment to the private status. To do so, open experiment: lin-00011 and then select "Retract Experiment From Public Accessibility".

screenshot illustrating text

The experiment lin-00011 is now again a private experiment and relocated back to the folder of "Work Queue", with a status of "In progress". It is now available to be edited or shared.

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