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Manage the Public Visibility of a caArray Experiment

Topic: caArray Usage

Release: Up to caArray 2.x

Date entered: 01/12/2010


By default, a newly created experiment is not visible to the public. In this entry, we will demonstrate how to make experiment lin-00014 publicly visible and selectable. We will also show how to selectively display the data within the experiment.

Step 1. Experiment is by default invisible to a public user

When an experiment is newly created, it is not visible to the public by default, meaning a public user cannot see or find it.

Public search result for a newly created experiment lin-00014
screenshot illustrating text

Step 2. Manage the access permission of the experiment

Starting in caArray 2.3, the public accessibility of an experiment is managed via the Permissions option by the experiment's owner. To change public visibility of experiment lin-00014, log into caArray and click on the Permissions icon of experiment lin-00014, shown by the arrow in the illustration below. This will lead to Experiment Permissions page.

Permissions icon of experiment
Screenshot showing Permissions icon of experiment

Step 3. Make the experiment to be public visible

Clicking the Edit Access Control button under The Public on the Experiment Permissions page (as shown on the left in the figure below) will bring up the options for Experiment Access window (as shown on the right in the figure below). Select the option Visible and save.

Experiment Permissions Page as Described in the Preceding Text
Screenshot showing Experiment Permissions Page as Described in the Preceding Text

A public user can now see the experiment title, description and organism for experiment lin-00014. This public user may contact the experiment owner, but the user will not be able to view annotation and datafiles associated with the experiment.

Publicly Visible Experiment Information
Screenshot showing Publicly Visible Experiment Information

Step 5. Make the experiment to be public accessible

To grant public access to your experiment data and annotation, go to Experiment Permissions, as in Step 2. Select "Read" from Experiment Access and save.

Experiment Permissions as Described in the Preceding Text
Screenshot showing Experiment Permissions as Described in the Preceding Text

Experiment lin-00014 is now publicly read-accessible. There are 12 samples associated with the experiment. A public user can click on URL link under Samples to view and download the data.

Publicly Visible Experiment Results
Screenshot showing Publicly Visible Experiment Results

Step 6. Make the experiment partially accessible by the public

Starting with caArray 2.3, the experiment owner can selectively publish experimental data. To do so, set the option of Experiment Access to be Read Select and click on Search to bring back all the datafiles in this experiment. You may limit results returned by adding searching criteria before initiating the Search.

Read-Select Experiment Access
Screenshot showing Read-Select Experiment Access

Select the datafiles you would like to share (arrow 1), assign the option Read (Arrow 2) and click on Save (Arrow 3).

Selecting Datafiles to Share
Screenshot showing Selecting Datafiles to Share

A public user now has full access to these three datafiles in experiment lin-00014.

Publicly Accessible Datafiles
Screenshot showing Publicly Accessible Datafiles

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