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Question: Which columns in Illumina expression csv array design files are acceptable in caArray?

Topic: caArray Usage

Release: caArray 2.0 and above

Date entered: 02/16/2010

Detail about Question

There are 28 columns in Illumina design file HumanRef-8_V2_0_R4_11223162_A.csv. Some of them were rejected by caArray (Build CAARRAY_R2_2_1_GA). I can edit the table but I need to know which columns the current system accepts?


Not all of the columns in the Illumina expression csv array design file are recognized by caArray. Following are the columns accepted by caArray and listed in the order required by caArray.

  1. Search_key
  2. Target
  3. ProbeId
  4. Gid
  5. Transcript
  6. Accession
  7. Symbol
  8. Type
  9. Start
  10. Probe_Sequence
  11. Definition
  12. Ontology
  13. Synonym

Please note, the column, ProbeId, should not be confused with another different column in Illumina's: Probe_Id. The table below identifies the difference between the two columns:

Column Name


Sample Date







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