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Question: Where to get a complete list of caArray service URLs?

Topic: caArray Installation and Upgrade

Release: caArray 2.X

Date entered: 06/30/2010


Searching public caArray from caGrid

  1. Go to
  2. Click the "search" tab,
  3. Enter "caarray" as the keyword
  4. Choose either "name" or "url" as the search field
  5. Click on "Search" button

This search will return all the public instances of caArray, along with the status of the instance (Active or Inactive). Some of them, however, could be testing instances.

Searching public caArray from caB2B

From caB2B, you can also get the full list of caArray services but not their functional status:

  1. Go to caB2B site
  2. Select "Microarray Data" in the field of What type of data do you wish to search for?
  3. Click "Databases to Search"

A list of public caArray servers is returned.

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