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Question: Can we amend the ownership for a deleted user's experiment?

Topic: caArray Usage

Release: caArray 2.X

Date entered: 07/27/2010

Details About the Question

During the application server migration, we accidentally deleted a user. But we found that user's experiments are still in database. Can we re-associate or assign a new ownership for those orphaned experiments?


Orphaned experiments can not be re-associated with a new ownership in the current versions of caArray (2.3.x) and UPT (2.4.x).

UPT and caArray are two separate applications that interact only during user creation/authentication. UPT does not know which user is associated with which experiment. When a user is deleted in UPT, the caArray application interface might not be up running. Therefore, the real-time prompting for confirmation in regard to experiment might not be feasible.

Tighter integration between both applications is to be provided in the future versions of caArray and UPT, which should prevent the creation of orphaned experiments.

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