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Question: An error reports the wrong version of Java. What is the problem?

Topic: caArray Installation and Upgrade

Release: caArray 2.4.0

Date entered: 10/14/2010

Details about the Question

I was installing caArray with GUI installer on my PC by double-clicking on the GUI installer icon. After the first few steps an error was given saying that I used the wrong version of Java. I have both Java 1.5.0_10 and 1.6.0, and have Java 1.5 on the PATH variable. What is the problem?


There are two ways to run the caArray GUI installer:

  1. Double-click the icon for the GUI installer file from Windows Explorer.
  1. Run command "java -jar [MATKC:filename of GUI installer]" from within Command Prompt.

When you have multiple Java versions installed on a PC, the PC may use a different Java depending on how you run the caArray GUI installer. We recommend that you use the second approach described above because it is unpredictable which version of Java the Windows OS will choose to run with a double-click. With the command line everything is very explicit.

To check which version of Java is available for caArray installation, you can run the following command at the Command Prompt:

java -version

If the version is not 1.5, you need to set Java 1.5 as the first on the PATH variable. To do it at the command prompt, type:


where, %JAVA_HOME points to the Java 1.5 directory.

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