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Question: What browsers does caArray support?

Topic: caArray Usage

Release: caArray 2.3.X and above

Date entered: 02/14/2011

Details about the Question

I'm trying to import a new array design for Illumina's HumanHap550v3_A platform using our instance of caArray (version When I used Google Chrome browser, the upload failed. When I switched to use Internet Explorer, it worked. Which browsers does caArray support?

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Google Chrome is not supported by caArray. caArray 2.3 and above are designed to work with the following browsers:

  • PCs running Microsoft XP: Firefox 2.0+ and Internet Explorer 6.0+
  • Apple Macs running OS X: Firefox 2.0+ and Internet Explorer 5.5

If you run into a problem such as the one stated above, check the type and the version of the browser you use. You should always use a caArray supported browser to work with the application.

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